WHO position paper on Rabies vaccines

Author: WHO
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This position paper replaces the 2010 WHO position on rabies vaccines.1 It pres-ents new evidence in the field of rabies and the use of rabies vaccines, focussing on programmatic feasibility, simplification of vaccination schedules and improved cost-effectiveness. The recommendations concern the 2 main immunization strategies, namely vaccination for post-exposure prophylaxis and vaccina-tion for pre-exposure prophylaxis. In the context of post-exposure prophylaxis, recommendations are also provided on the use of rabies immunoglobulins.


Type Journal article
Language English, French
Country Not Specified
PubMed URL https://apps.who.int/iris/bitstream/handle/10665/272371/WER9316.pdf
Journal Weekly epidemiological record
Volume 93
Publisher WHO
Year 2018
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