Leave No One Behind: Guidance for planning and implementing catch-up vaccination


Catch-up vaccination refers to the action of vaccinating an individual, who for whatever reason (e.g. delays, stock outs, access, hesitancy, service interruptions, etc.), is missing/has not received doses of vaccines for which they are eligible, per the national immunization schedule. No one should miss out on the right to the protection that vaccines offer, simply because they are unable to access services in time. A catch-up vaccination strategy (which includes a clearly defined catch-up vaccination policy and catch-up schedule) is an essential part of a well-functioning national immunization programme and should be implemented on a continuous basis. WHO has developed this guidance: • To assist national immunization programmes to establish or refine a catch-up vaccination policy and catch-up schedule, as part of the routine immunization programme. • To ensure eligible individuals who miss routine vaccine doses for any reason can be identified and vaccinated at the earliest opportunity. • To lay out strategies for continuously implementing catch-up vaccination as a component of routine immunization and as an integrated part of the healthcare system, as well as describe intensified strategies to close “immunization gaps” following a significant disruption in immunization services. See also: https://www.who.int/teams/immunization-vaccines-and-biologicals/essential-programme-on-immunization/implementation/reducing-missed-opportunities-for-vaccination-(mov) https://www.who.int/teams/immunization-vaccines-and-biologicals/essential-programme-on-immunization/integration/vaccination-in-the-second-year-of-life-(2yl)