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Title Author Year Type Language
Jo Gwillim 2017 Presentation English
Ejemai Eboreime et al. 2015 Journal article English
UNICEF Website English
World Health Organization Tool
UNICEF WHO 2018 Document English
UNICEF WHO 2018 Document French
WHO 2013 Website English
2018 Presentation English
Iza Ciglenecki et al. 2013 Journal article English
Berlinger 2014 Website English
Berlinger 2014 Website English
UNICEF PD 2015 Document English
WHO and UNICEF 2016 Tool French
Prashant Yadav et al. 2014 Journal article English
World Health Organization 2013 Tool English
2017 Document French
John Lloyd et al. 2015 Journal article English
2017 Document
2017 Document French
2017 Document
Brown DW, Gacic-Dobo M 2017 Journal article English
Hasman A, Rapp A, Brown DW 2016 Journal article English
UNICEF PD for Gavi 2015 Document English
LogTag 2014 Website English
WHO UNICEF 2017 Document English
2015 Document English
Ahmet Afsar & Ümit Kartoglu 2006 Document English
1988 Document English
2017 Document Russian
2017 Document Russian
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