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Title Author Year Type Language
CommTrack 2013 Document English
Tariq- Muhammad; Shahzad- Khurram & Lama- Shyam 2014 Journal article English
DHIS2 Document English
PATH Document
PATH- Rockefeller Foundation- Public Health Informatics Institute 2010 Document English
Novykov- Igor Document
Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals; Services (SIAPS) Program 2014. Considerations for the Integration of HMIS & LMIS. Arlington- Va: Management Sciences for Health. 2014 Document
University of Oslo Presentation
Anderson- Richard Presentation English
USAID|Deliver Project 2011 Document English
Dimagi 2009 Document English
Martinez- Gemma Orta & Brownlow- Kaleb Presentation English
Deliver 2006 Document English
Benes- Oleg Presentation English
WHO 2014 Document
USAID|Deliver Project 2015 Document English
Management- Supply Chain & Settings- Low-resource 2013 Document English
USAID Document
Project- Usaid Deliver 2012 Journal article
USAID|Deliver Project 2012 Document English
OpenLMIS Document English
Pankiewicz- Ron; Waldman- Kate; Mwencha- Marasi; Jsi- Jeff Leiner & Lubinski- David 2013 Document English
Fant- Rick; Pankiewicz- Ron; Fant- Rick; Pankiewicz- Ron; Villagereach- James Dailey; Fant- Rick; Pankiewicz- Ron & Villagereach- James Dailey 2012 Document English
OpenLMIS Presentation English
OpenLMIS Document English
Grevendonk J, Taliesin B, Brigden D 2013 Document English
Wright- Chris Presentation English
The United Republic of Tanzania Ministry of Health & Social Welfare 2011 Document
Dimagi Document
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