Introduction nul ne peut nier les résultats protecteurs satisfaisants de la vaccination contre plusieurs maladies graves dans le monde et particulièrement au Maroc. L´extension de la pandémie COVID-19 dans notre pays a entrainé une baisse...

no one can deny that vaccination against several serious diseases in the world, and particularly in Morocco, has given very satisfactory protective results. The extension of the COVID-19 pandemic in our country has led to a significant decline in...

This report summarises the discussion of experts meeting at the Technet Conference held in Casablanca, Morocco from 18-22 November, 1991

The following report displays data and figures on the introduction status of Hib vaccine, pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV), rotavirus vaccine, and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV)* both globally and in 73 Gavi countries (currently eligible and...

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Statistical Training on Vaccination Coverage Surveys - Dakar, Senegal: 24-27 January 2017

March 10th 2017

The Global Immunization Newsletter posted this article in February 2017. I share it with you in its entirety. Participants: Persons from Immunization Programmes, Na

  • Country: Senegal Peru Morocco Madagascar Gabon Cameroon Burkina Faso
  • Coverage monitoring
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    Summary of GVAP session at the WHO 138th Executive Board

    February 02nd 2016

    Twenty-three speakers including 21 representatives from Member States (i.e. 15[2]), and two civil society organizations[4] and took

  • Country: Nigeria Niger Morocco Mexico Indonesia India Colombia Bangladesh
  • Disease: Tetanus Polio
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    Ice-lined refrigerators: Time to rethink this product?

    June 24th 2014

    Icelined refrigerators have become a dominant standard worldwide for the safe storage of vaccine in areas of unreliable electricity supplies. In the 35 years since the start of the Product Information

  • Country: Tunisia Morocco Algeria
  • Ice-lined
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    Member States Delegates discuss progress towards global immunization goals at the 67th WHA

    May 27th 2014

    [b]Member States Delegates discuss progress towards global immunization goals at the World Health Assembly, May 2014[/b] [b]Fifty-four speakers including 50 representatives from Member States[1], o

  • Country: Uruguay Tunisia Togo Thailand Spain South Africa Korea South Oman Namibia Morocco Mongolia Mexico Maldives Malaysia Malawi Libya Lebanon Kenya Jordan Japan Jamaica Iraq Indonesia India Grenada Germany Ethiopia Egypt Ecuador Costa Rica Congo Colombia China Burundi Brazil Barbados Bahrain Azerbaijan Argentina Algeria
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    Post 01391e: Vaccine-derived Polio Virus

    February 18th 2009

    POST 01391E: VACCINE-DERIVED POLIO VIRUS 18 FEBRUARY 2009 ****************************************** In the context of the discussions on polio eradication on our forum (see [url=http://li

  • Country: Spain Philippines Nigeria Niger Morocco Madagascar Indonesia Egypt China Canada Cambodia
  • Disease: Polio
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    January 20th 2008

    POST 01217E: SCHOOL-BASED TT VACCINATION FOLLOW UP ON POSTS POST 01212E AND POST 01214E 20 JANUARY 2008 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  • Country: Uganda Nepal Morocco Indonesia India Bangladesh
  • Disease: Typhoid Tetanus Diphtheria
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    Post 00945e : Material Of Interest

    June 24th 2006

    POST 00945E : MATERIAL OF INTEREST 24 June 2006 _______________________________________________________________ You will find below, first a slightly modified message from Robert Davis (mailt

  • Country: Thailand Sri Lanka Poland New Zealand Morocco Mexico Jamaica Guinea Gambia Ethiopia Egypt China Chile Canada Bangladesh
  • Disease: Measles Polio HIB Smallpox
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    April 15th 2002

    POST 00446E : USE OF VVMs ON ALL VACCINES 15 April 2002 ______________________________________________________________________________ Dr. Jayaprakash of UNICEF/Micronesia contributes the fol

  • Country: Zambia Yemen Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Spain Pakistan Morocco Mongolia Lebanon Kyrgyzstan Gabon Fiji Cambodia Benin Bangladesh Azerbaijan Albania
  • Disease: Measles
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