JSI, VillageReach (VR) and CHAI collaborated across several countries and supply chains to explore the challenges of dissemination, interpretation and use of global technical goods.

1. Global updates: Network design, system optimization and vaccine management best practice 2. Country innovations: Designing for the future and rethinking more fundamental design elements

Objective Missed opportunities for vaccination (MOV) are a significant contributor to low vaccination coverage. To better understand the magnitude and underlying causes of MOV among children aged 0–23 months in Mozambique, we conducted an...

Este relatório detalha as percepções e oportunidades de actuação do projecto VxData e o processo que foi levado a cabo para as gerar.

Ce document est le dernier rapport pour l’étude VxData Insights, qui a pour objectif de mieux comprendre les causes profondes de la sous-utilisation des données dans les programmes de vaccination et de mettre en évidence les domaines...

This is the final report from the VxData Insights study, which aims to provide a deeper understanding of the root causes of underutilization of data in immunization programs and highlight priority areas for intervention.

This is the pdf slides from the Mini-cPIE Clinic #04: Promoting COVID-19 Vaccine Uptake - Unique Risk Communication and Community Engagement Approaches, which took place on Tuesday, 23 November 2021. This mini-cPIE clinic included presenters from DR...

This presentation introduces OpenLMIS eLMIS solution and a case study from Mozambique.

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Uncovering the Drivers of Childhood Immunization Inequality with Caregivers, Community Members, and Health System Stakeholders: Results from a Human-centered Design Study in DRC, Mozambique, and Nigeria

April 12th 2023

The importance of immunization for child survival underscores the need to eliminate immunization inequalities. Few existing studies of inequalities use approaches that view the challenges and poten

  • Organisation: JSI PATH USAID
  • Country: Nigeria Mozambique Democratic Republic Of The Congo
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    Upcoming Webinar: Maintaining Focus on Routine Immunization through COVID-19 Vaccination

    April 14th 2021

    Please join MOMENTUM on April 27, 2021 from 8:30-10am EDT for a webinar

  • Country: Mozambique
  • Disease: Covid-19
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    Case study: How to select a drone 3PL for immunization transport

    July 20th 2020

    I wanted to share with you a new resource that VillageReach has created describing our first-hand experience with selecting a drone company to operate flights in the Democratic Republic of Congo an

  • Country: Mozambique Congo
  • UAV
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    Logistics of the vaccination campaign

    January 31st 2018

    Hello everyone, Mozambique, at present, uses only a simple measles vaccine in the Measles Routine for measles prevention.However, with support from GAVI, Mozambique is preparing a cam

  • Country: Mozambique
  • Disease: Rubella Measles
  • Campaign
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    OpenLMIS Releases Version 3

    March 03rd 2017

    OpenLMIS is proud to announce the launch of OpenLMIS version 3, an open source logistics management information system (LMIS): http://openlmis.org/ The Op

  • Country: Zambia Mozambique Malawi Benin
  • LMIS
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    Towards evidence-based decision making for strengthening immunization supply chains: a review of literature

    January 26th 2017

    Immunization programs in low-income countries are facing the most ambitious targets of the last four decades: reach every child with existing and many new vaccines. The original immunization supply

  • Country: Zambia Senegal Nigeria Niger Mozambique Benin
  • Distribution system Waste management New vaccine introduction
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    Moderated Discussion on IAPHL: Using M&E to Drive Supply Chain Improvement

    October 21st 2016

    Dear TechNet-21 Members, we invite you to follow a moderated discussion just getting started on the International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) listserve. You can join the IAHPL

  • Country: Zambia United States Switzerland South Africa Singapore Mozambique Indonesia
  • Performance monitoring Data quality
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    Remote Temperature Monitoring Data for Cold Chain Maintenance

    March 24th 2016

    Dear TechNet Colleagues,   I would like to share with you a report on our latest cold chain maintenance investigation in Mozambique: "Why Fridges Fail Part 2: RTM Data for Maintena

  • Organisation: PATH
  • Country: Mozambique
  • Temperature indicator Temperature monitoring Refrigerator / freezer
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    August 10th 2021

    As countries conduct mini COVID-19 vaccine Post-Introduction Evaluation (mini-cPIE), also called the COVID-19 Vaccination Intra-Action Review (IAR), to review and adjust their COVID-19 vaccine roll