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In July 2019, 644 Scholars from 55 countries pledged to improve immunization outcomes. In this Special Event, Scholars will share their experiences in the Impact Accelerator, a new model for leading change developed by immunization Scholars from over 90 countries.

What is the Accelerator?
The Accelerator is a new system to foster collaborative leadership in ways that can contribute to systemic change.

Scholars who successfully complete a course are convened to use what they learned to achieve impact.

In July 2019, 644 immunization Scholars from 55 countries pledged to improve immunization outcomes.

During the first Impact Accelerator pilot, immunization Scholars self-organized groups in 24  countries –  including priority countries Chad, Cameroon, Guinea, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Ethiopia.

Most sought and rapidly secured support from government teams  to ensure their action could contribute to national priorities.

Why did we create the Accelerator?
Some countries are facing complex challenges hindering progress toward the global goals for immunization. New approaches are needed.

Since 2016, immunization Scholars have been turning knowledge into action through the immunization Scholar programme.

In a few countries, Scholars self-initiated informal, motivated groups of professionals operating across agencies, to transform ideas into collaborative project implementation.

Observing these voluntary dynamics, we saw potential for systemic change – and immediately convened Scholars to develop a new system to support this across the network.
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