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Innovation takes center stage in COVID-19 response



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Innovation Takes Center Stage

"In a pandemic, innovation is not an option. It is a requirement."

That is how I began a story, published this week, about using innovative approaches in VillageReach’s COVID-19 response. Innovation has long been one of our core values, and we believe creativity and fearless exploration are essential to developing sustainable solutions that improve the availability of health services and foster lasting change for communities everywhere.

Innovation can have many forms, and in the story, I highlight some ways VillageReach got creative to support governments and frontline health workers. I also talk about the road ahead, as we all know COVID-19 is not done impacting our lives.

The need for innovation will stretch beyond this pandemic, but at VillageReach we are ready and willing to meet new challenges. Because here innovation was never an option – it was always a requirement.  

In solidarity,
Emily Bancroft, President
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Catalytic Investment in Supply Chain
In June, VillageReach kicked-off a new investment, Supply Chain Integrators, which focuses on building health supply chains that are demand-driven, resilient and integrated.

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New Global Leadership at VillageReach
In August, VillageReach announced three new leaders– two who are stepping into new roles, and one who we welcome to the VillageReach family. As an organization that is committed to leadership that represents the diversity of our global team, we value the growth and evolution of leaders within our incredible staff of 160 people around the globe.

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COVID 411 Town Hall Event: Join VillageReach in our third and final COVID 411 event on Tuesday, September 14th. We will take an in-depth look at the outcomes of our COVID 411 initiatives and share how these solutions contribute to health system strengthening beyond COVID-19. 

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Protecting Community Health Workers
VillageReach and a group of like-minded partners formed the COVID-19 Action Fund for Africa (CAF-Africa) in June 2020 as part of our COVID response. CAF-Africa focused on getting personal protective equipment (PPE) into the hands of African community health workers – who serve on the frontlines of any disease outbreak. A report released in July outlines CAF-Africa’s impact, future endeavors as well as a detailed look how the initiative procured and delivered large quantities of PPE during a global pandemic. 
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Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy
Vaccine hesitancy is not a new challenge in public health, and solutions must address the complex barriers to vaccine uptake. That’s why VillageReach is implementing several initiatives to listen to community concerns, support health workers and work with governments to combat hesitancy and ensure vaccines reach the most under-reached communities.
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