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Join us TODAY to help improve vaccine access


It’s World Immunization Week, and we invite you to join VillageReach in our vision to ensure that everyone has access to life-saving vaccines, no matter where they live. 
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Last year, even as the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted routine vaccinations, VillageReach and our partners were using drones to support Yellow Fever immunization campaigns in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

56% of people living in the Democratic Republic of Congo have been vaccinated against Yellow Fever. That’s well below the 80% minimum recommended by the WHO, leaving the country very vulnerable to a resurgence of the disease – which can be deadly, but is also preventable.

Our drones delivered 32,460 Yellow Fever vaccines, immunizing 27,788 people living in hard-to-reach regions of the country's Equateur province.
With your support, we can go even farther in 2022, so every person can have access to life-saving vaccines and medicine, even as services are strained by global challenges.
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