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WHO IB-VPD and Rotavirus Surveillance Bulletin - August 2019

Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to share the latest bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO)-coordinated Global Rotavirus and Invasive Bacterial Vaccine-Preventable Disease (IB-VPD) Surveillance Networks. This edition reports global surveillance data reported to WHO on pediatric diarrhea, meningitis, and pneumonia from the calendar year of 2018. In this edition, we will also report on bacteriology laboratory capacity trainings, which support much of the surveillance work reported here.
Each year, we are grateful to all of the people globally who make this possible, from staff at sentinel surveillance hospitals, to country, regional, and global partners, to funding agencies, all of whom recognize the ongoing importance of surveillance for vaccine-preventable diseases. This bulletin would not be possible without you.
If you have questions or feedback, or would like to join the surveillance networks, please contact us using the link at the bottom.
Warmest regards,
The WHO Global Rotavirus and IB-VPD Surveillance Team