Hey there, hope the day is treating you well! For those of you who don't know me, My name is Alex Lee, if you've been to any of the last two conference i'm the tech guy running around frantically to trying to figure out why the Live stream isn't working or why the sound isn't working, that's me just helping out on an ideas we had 2 years ...

19 June 2019
Dear Colleagues, Are you feeling part of the community of Immunization Supply Chain (iSC) practitioners and willing to learn, participate to and grow with this great community? If so, you're going to enjoy 2019 on TechNet-21. Here is a taste of the coming weeks... A new Community Manager ​ Starting from January, Technet-21 is supported by yours tru...

31 January 2019
96 Annual Partners Meeting - Updates from Brasilia View this email in your browser Date: 6 November 2019 3rd EYE Annual Partners Meeting: Global community working for yellow fever control More than 130 participants from 16 countries, three WHO regions and a multitude of partners joined in Brasilia, Brazil for the EYE Annual Partners Meeting hosted by PAHO .  This year's meeting was
*|MC:SUBJECT|* 1 November 2019, Vol. 94, No. 44, pp. 505–512 Now online IN THIS ISSUE 505 Validation of maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination in the Democratic Republic of the Congo 510 Monthly report on dracunculiasis cases, January-September 2019   Download 1 novembre 2019, Vol. 94, No. 44, pp. 505-512 Maintenant en ligne DANS CE NUMÉRO 505 Validation de l’élimination du tétanos ma
Hello, Please see the following Information Request from the Minnesota Department of Health below. If you are willing to share information, please reply directly to this email and include contact information for follow-up. INFORMATION REQUESTED We are in the process of working with our legal team to review the NIS-IIS Data Use Agreement (DUA) provided by CDC to share data with NORC. For those who
Reaching the Last Mile   View as Webpage   Drones Swoop into the Congo with Vaccines   The Democratic Republic of Congo's (DRC) Ministry of Health, Gavi, Swoop Aero and VillageReach celebrated the first drone flights to deliver vaccines that were administered to children at a health center in Equateur Province, DRC.   Read More   It Takes a Village VillageReach has worked
Introducing our 2020 - 2023 Goals and Strategies   Reaching the Under-Reached: 2020 - 2023 Goals and Strategies   The world has changed greatly in the nearly 20 years since our founders – Blaise Judja-Sato, Craig Nakagawa, Lionel Pierre, and Didier Lavril – joined forces with Mrs. Graça Machel’s Foundation for Community Development in Mozambique to make sure every health center in Northe
Hello, Please see the following Information Request from the North Dakota Department of Health. If you are willing to share information, please reply directly to this email and include contact information for follow-up. INFORMATION REQUESTED Does your state allow out-of-state schools to have access to your IIS? If yes, does the user at the out-of-state school have to be a nurse? If you do allow ou
*|MC:SUBJECT|*   25 October 2019, Vol. 94, No. 43, pp. 497–504 Now online IN THIS ISSUE 497 World Polio Day – 24 October 2019 498 Global routine vaccination coverage, 2018     Download 25 octobre 2019, Vol. 94, No. 43, pp. 497-504 Maintenant en ligne DANS CE NUMÉRO 497 Journée mondiale contre la poliomyélite, 24 octobre 2019 498 Couverture de la vaccination systématique dans le
By Walter Proper on October 25th, 2019 Dear Colleagues/Friends, Greetings from Abuja! I hope that you are all keeping well. I have news to share so I am just going to get to it! My last day as the ED IAPHL is at the end of this month. I want to start by acknowledging funding support for IAPHL from USAID and JSI as well from sponsors such as ASCM, PSA, Empower, i+ solutions and Bocconi University.
New Vietnam case study highlights lessons learned around key partnerships with mobile network operators and electronic immunization registries By Maya Rivera, Communications Officer, PATH Posted in Packaging , Policies & Practices , Products Photo: PATH/Cuong Nguyen Phu. The IDEAL-Vietnam project works closely with the BID Initiative to provide global audiences with resources and guidance on e
By Saumu Juma, Communications Associate, BID Initiative Posted in News , Policies & Practices Photo: Honorable Ummy Mwalimu, the Minister of Health, celebrated Tanzania’s progress and reiterated her commitment to using data quality and use interventions to improve immunization service delivery in front of members of the media, government officials, and other stakeholders. Tanzania has made str
By Kelly Huffman, PATH Posted in People , Policies & Practices , Practices Photo: PATH/Trevor Snapp. Patients wait for an immunization clinic at the Usa River Health Center in Tanzania. The following post appeared on path.org .  Human-centered design is an approach to problem-solving that puts people first. Their needs, their constraints, their contexts and their perspectives. It focuses on us
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By Iember Mker on September 10th, 2019 We are pleased to share with you the 4th IAPHL quarterly supply chain resource review. In this issue, we consulted a number of SCM information repositories, academic, private sector, and SCM experts to select for you the following resources that we hope will inform you, challenge you and keep you thinking how you can improve your own practice and the producti
Low and middle income country governments and global health funders spend a lot of money on health products like medicines, diagnostics, and devices to achieve universal health coverage. Governments and health procurement bodies in these countries need to buy these life-saving products efficiently and effectively in order to provide their citizens with access to quality and affordable medicines. R
The relatively new career field of computer science is naturally in a constant state of evolution, as technology and the opportunities around it grow. The students and professionals who study and work in the field know those opportunities will continue to grow, as the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a higher than average growth rate for their employment. Current and future professionals are lo
By Celina Kareiva, Senior Communications Associate, BID Initiative Posted in BID Learning Network (BLN) , People , Policies & Practices Photo: PATH/Catherine Muyawala. Members of the BID Learning Network (BLN) and Gavi Data Quality and Use (DQU) Collaborative met in Lusaka, Zambia last month from July 24 to 26 to share experiences from their respective countries. Members of the BID Learning Ne
Poor data or a lack of data ultimately contributes to poor planning, policies, and resource allocation in the health sector. To contribute to improved health, the Performance of Routine Information Systems Management (PRISM) tools have been revised to help countries identify gaps in their routine health information system. This new, more comprehensive PRISM Series, is useful for designing, strengt
The NCD Alliance has published its briefing paper advocating 5 priorities to ensure healthy lives for all and urging governments to promote health, social services and quality care that meets the needs of all people across their life course. The publication also advances that the prevention and control of NCDs, together with other health priorities, is adopted as an element of UHC. Read more about
By By Celina Kareiva, Senior Communications Associate, BID Initiative Posted in People , Policies & Practices , Practices Photo: PATH/Trevor Snapp. Health workers consult patients during an immunization session at the Usa River Health Center in Tanzania. The BID Initiative has just released an exciting new publication that will benefit other countries interested in implementing their own elect
Dear Colleagues,   We are pleased to share the latest bulletin of the World Health Organization (WHO)-coordinated Global Rotavirus and Invasive Bacterial Vaccine-Preventable Disease (IB-VPD) Surveillance Networks. This edition reports global surveillance data reported to WHO on pediatric diarrhea, meningitis, and pneumonia from the calendar year of 2018. In this edition, we will also report on bac