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Vaccines and delivery technologies

All topics related to vaccine products, presentation and packaging; also includes temperature indicators such as vaccine vial monitors (VVMs) and vaccine delivery devices.

Why an imperfect HIV vaccine could be better than none at all

When Health and Human Services Secretary Margaret Heckler announced that scientists had discovered the virus that caused AIDS at a press conference in 1984, the disease was still mysterious and invariably fatal. Perhaps with a vaccine, AIDS could be ended…


One-dose cholera vaccine gives 90 per cent protection

A dose of oral vaccine provides effective short-term protection against the cholera during an outbreak, a study in Zambia shows. According to researchers, because of a shortage of global stockpile of cholera vaccines, an outbreak in Lusaka, Zambia, in February 2016 necessitated…


Why the latest shingles vaccine is more than 90 percent effective

A new study has shown how the body's immune system responds to the new shingles vaccine, Shingrix, making it more than 90% effective at protecting against the virus. The trial included more than 15,000 participants across 18 countries in Europe,…

Eureka Alert

Remembering Albert Sabin and the vaccine that changed the world

Medicine and public health lost a luminary 25 years ago this week with the death of Dr. Albert Sabin. During his life, Sabin became a household name, famous the world over for his development of the oral polio vaccine. He…


Cold chain equipment

All topics related to equipment used to support the immunization cold chain, such as refrigerators, freezers, insulated containers, water-packs, and temperature monitoring devices; covers equipment selection, procurement, installation, repair, maintenance and performance.

Timestrip smart indicators help combat rabies in Africa

Mission Rabies field teams in Malawi used adhesive temperature monitors during a four week mass vaccination drive. Two different Timestrip temperature monitors were used to alert the teams to the critical temperature thresholds of 0°C and 30°C.  As freezing rapidly…

Cambridge Network

ARC Nigeria broker States, private sector partnerships to strengthen vaccine cold chain infrastructure in Nigeria

Despite marginal improvements and millions of dollars of supply chain investments by development partners and bilateral donors to address supply chain system challenges, Nigeria’s public health supply chain continues to be ineffective, inefficient, fragmented, and wasteful. Existing State and donor…

Daily Post

Using solar power to protect life-saving vaccines for children of Fiji: Cheaper environmentally friendly solar refrigerators for Fiji

No electricity, no problem. Seventy-four solar refrigerators will be distributed to more than 100 health centers in Cyclone Winston affected areas in Fiji, to ensure life-saving vaccines or medicines stay effective even without electricity.Following the category five cyclone in February…

Tiny 'cages' could keep vaccines safe at high temperatures

Vaccines and antibodies could be transported and stored without refrigeration by capturing them in tiny silica 'cages', a discovery which could make getting vital medicines to remote or dangerous places much easier, cheaper and safer. Vaccines and many other medicines…

Supply chain and logistics

All topics related to immunization supply chain and logistics, including vaccine forecasting and supply planning, distribution systems, vaccine management, vaccine wastage, and waste management.

Global Shortage of hepatitis B vaccine caused by manufacturing process

Although supplies of the hepatitis B vaccine have improved in the past year, a backlog vaccinations which had to be deferred continue to cause problems and disrupt the healthcare system. Ordering restrictions will remain in place in order to prioritise vaccinations for…

Swiss firm brings blockchain to the biopharmaceutical cold chain

No matter how you measure it, the American pharmaceutical industry is gigantic: the $446B Americans spent on medicines in 2016 represented 45% of the global market; while Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Switzerland are major players, the United…

Your guide to investing in UAVs for delivering health care

Unmanned aerial vehicles, also known as drones, have become a hot topic in public health for their potential in delivering life-saving medicines, blood, or vaccines to people in remote areas. But much of the conversation is dominated by suppliers aiming…


Pointing the way: how medical drones are saving lives in Africa

For an NHS hospital in Britain, it is a routine if traumatic event that staff are equipped to deal with day in, day out. But for a young woman in Rwanda, a sudden bleed after going into labour could easily…

The Telegraph

Service delivery  

All topics related to the delivery of immunization services, including routine and campaign delivery services as well as injection safety.

Polio personnel support Lassa Fever response in Nigeria

In the first two months of 2018, there were 110 deaths in Nigeria from suspected Lassa fever. Outbreak response, led by the Nigerian government and WHO, is focused on detecting every case, and tracing the virus wherever it is hiding.…

Pairing mobile phone reminders with incentives to help prevent diseases

In a study conducted in rural India, Johns Hopkins Medicine researchers working in collaboration with Bal Umang Drishya Sanstha (BUDS), a nonprofit Indian organization focused on child health, have found that mobile phone reminders linked with incentives such as free talk…

Eureka Alert

MR vaccine: Women health workers trek 20km to reach hilltop villages

The Measles Rubella (MR) campaign, an immunisation programme to prevent the two contagious diseases in children in the age group of 9 months-15 years, has so far achieved reasonable success, thanks to the dedication of women health workers across the…


Measles confirmed on recent Air Canada flight from Zurich to Toronto

Public health officials are investigating after they confirmed a passenger on a flight from Switzerland had the measles. Toronto Public Health says it's confirmed a case of the measles in a passenger travelling on a direct flight from Zurich to…


Immunization information systems

All topics related to information systems used to support immunization programmes, including electronic immunization registries, logistics management information systems (LMIS), geographic information systems (GIS), integrated health management information systems, and immunization coverage monitoring (administrative and survey data).

Health workers in Tanzania become data use champions, set national example

When the BID Initiative first began working in Tanzania to introduce data quality and use interventions alongside the Ministry of Health, Community Development, Gender, Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC), using data was not an everyday practice for most health care workers…

Bid Initiative

“It doesn’t have to be like ripping off a Band-Aid”: Transitioning from paper to digital records

During the 2017 Global Digital Health Forum session on Injecting Digital Technology into Old-School Immunization Systems, Dawn Seymour from PATH discussed the value of electronic immunization registries. Despite the benefits of such registries, including more accurate data, she and her colleagues Sang Dao Dinh and…

Bid Initiative

Cambridge hi-tech vaccine alert to save babies’ lives

A specially developed ‘smart indicator’ technology from Cambridge innovator Timestrip is being adopted in developing countries where missed vaccinations are common. Working with the Trust for Vaccines & Immunization (TVI), a not-for-profit organisation, Timestrip technology has been used to create…

Business Weekly

Navigating digital transformation

Whether on the political, scientific, or cultural front, the world today is in a state of flux. Reviews from BCG, McKinsey, Deloitte, and Accenture highlight major demographic shifts, the increasing importance of technology in health, and the convergence of business…


Programme management

All topics related to immunization programme management, including planning, budgeting, financing, performance monitoring, and human resources.

Development of visual aid for the multi - dose vial policy

In light of the limited global supply of the inactivated poliovirus vaccine (IPV), the PAHO Immunization Unit wanted to find ways to help countries strengthen compliance with the Multi-dose Open Vial Policy of the World Health Organization (WHO). For this…


Effective health financing found to improve service delivery in Pakistan

I am thrilled to share that JSI’s work to improve health financing in Pakistan’s second-largest province, Sindh, was found to improve health service delivery. As many of us who work in public health know, measuring the effects of HSS efforts,…

The Pump

Planning for compasses, not maps: The potential of adaptive management for international development

International development has historically followed a top-down process that implements a static set of interventions guided by standardized practices, even as programs fail and circumstances change. But progress isn’t always linear. It’s often two steps forward and one step back…

Bid Initiative

Introducing Digital Square, an innovative co-investment approach that’s changing business-as-usual

Last month at the Global Digital Health Forum, I introduced Digital Square to many colleagues. “Digital Square is an innovative co-investment mechanism,” I said. “Yes, but what exactly does Digital Square do?” was a common response. Here’s what we do. Digital…

Bid Initiative

Global initiatives

All topics related to global immunization initiatives, including advocacy and communications, awareness-raising, and global strategies.

Vaccine alliance gives $60 million for immunisation programme

Geneva-based Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance, will provide US$60 million over the next two years to implement an immunisation programme in the country, largely focusing on cold chain facilities, according to the Ministry of Health and Sports. “We are planning to…

Sierra Leone maximizes protection against polio with Inactivated Polio Vaccine launch

Today Sierra Leone officially introduced injectable polio vaccine (or IPV) into its routine immunization programme to maximize protection against polio. IPV is now used in many countries around the world to prevent against the debilitating disease, and will now be…

How a surging stockpile of vaccines could help conquer cholera

Around the world, cholera is on the march. In Yemen, which is mired in a civil war, the devastating waterborne illness has sickened more than a million people since October 2016 and continues to spread. Outbreaks are ravaging Zambia, Tanzania,…


5 reasons the global gap in rotavirus vaccine access is shrinking

When I started my career in the 1970’s, I saw children die every day from severe diarrheal disease. Today, diarrhea is still responsible for half a million deaths in children under 5 worldwide. That is far too many—acute diarrhea is…

IVAC blog


General immunization news, as well as events, jobs, RFPs, and useful resources.

The virus hunter: In a bygone era, C.J. Peters learned how to bend the rules

Drive a few minutes from the seawall here, where the Gulf of Mexico crashes into this island city, and follow some meandering streets through a subdivision of graceful, low-slung homes. Look for the one with the Mardi Gras doll hanging…


Trump proposes deep cuts in detecting disease outbreaks worldwide

There's a glaring hole in President Trump's budget proposal for 2019, global health researchers say. A U.S. program to help other countries beef up their ability to detect pathogens around the world will lose a significant portion of its funding.…


Measles epidemics sweeping Europe as infections triple, EU diseases agency warns

Cases of life-threatening measles tripled in Europe last year because of a continent-wide outbreak that has even reached the UK, an EU body has warned Data for 2017, released last month by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, shows there were 14,451 cases…


10 threats to global health in 2018

From Mosul to Cox’s Bazar, cholera to plague, 2017 was full of health emergencies caused by conflict, natural disasters and disease outbreaks. But 2018 could be even worse if we don’t prepare, prevent and respond in time. The World Health…


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