Vaccines and delivery technologies

Vaccines and delivery technologies

All topics related to vaccine products, presentation and packaging; also includes temperature indicators such as vaccine vial monitors (VVMs) and vaccine delivery devices.


A new kind of single-dose vaccine that comes in a nasal spray and doesn’t require refrigeration could dramatically alter the public health landscape — get more people vaccinated around the world and address the looming threats of emerging and re-emerging diseases. Researchers presented the latest design and testing of these…


The Center for Disease Control Foundation announced on Wednesday that it has partnered with Eli Lilly and Company for three years to expand the CDC’s Safe Injection Practices Coalition in order to prevent exposure to hepatitis and HIV. “The combined educational resources and subject matter expertise from CDC and the…


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation reports that immunization has led to the eradication of smallpox, a 74 percent reduction in childhood deaths from measles over the past decade, and the near-eradication of polio. But children in developing countries are still in dire need of vaccines, which are not only…
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