Nationally representative household survey that provides data for wide range of monitoring and impact evaluation indicators in the areas of population, health and nutrition.

The WHO website provides a list of certain diseases for which vaccines are available, and a list of some pathogens for which vaccines and/or monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are in development. For each disease or pathogen, a link is provided to a...

Communities at risk of non- and under-vaccination are often characterized by poverty, lack of access to health care and other basic services, civil/political unrest, poor sanitation practices, overcrowding, etc. In 2017, the Equity Reference...

The primary objective of this protocol is to estimate the incidence and disease burden of pertussis in children under 5 years of age during periods of low to high (outbreak) disease activity. This will be achieved by a modular approach using three...

Pertussis remains a major cause of morbidity and mortality, particularly in infants and young children, and despite the availability of vaccines and pertinent national and international guidelines. The disease burden is more severe in low- and...

Since their introduction in the 1940s and 1950s, pertussis vaccines (mostly in combination with diphtheria and tetanus toxoids as diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis vaccines) have been very efficient in reducing pertussis mortality and morbidity in...

Vaccination of pregnant women with a pertussis containing vaccine is a recommended strategy in some industrialized countries, to protect young infants from severe disease. One of the effects of the presence of high titers of passively acquired...

Objective To estimate the prevalence and clinical severity of whooping cough (pertussis) in school age children presenting with persistent cough in primary care since the introduction and implementation of the preschool pertussis booster...

BACKGROUND: The introduction of universal pertussis immunization and the high coverage achieved in most developed countries have largely changed the epidemiology of the disease. Although vaccination rates are high in the first year of life, the...

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Last Cochrane Review on Needle size for vaccination

January 02nd 2020

Dear all - Happy 2020!! I came across a relatively recent update to the Cochrane Review of Needle sizes for vaccination. I thought I'd share it with the TechNet Community. The full report is here:&

  • Disease: Pertussis
  • Injection safety Injection device
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    HLN Releases Update to its Award Winning Open Source Immunization Forecaster

    August 28th 2019

    On August 28, 2019, HLN released a new version (v1.20.1) of the

  • Disease: Pertussis
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    Celebrating 20 years of immunization data collaboration between WHO and UNICEF

    July 23rd 2018

    Working together to unlock the lifesaving power of data 2018 marks the 20th anniversary of WHO and UNICEF’s Joint Reporting Form (JRF) on Immunization – a single form used by all countr

  • Organisation: UNICEF WHO
  • Disease: Tuberculosis Tetanus Pertussis Measles Diphtheria Polio
  • Data reporting
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    Global routine vaccination coverage, 2015 - Published last week

    November 22nd 2016

    Recentry published in MMWR: http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/65/wr/mm6545a5.htm and WER:

  • Organisation: UNICEF WHO
  • Disease: Tetanus Rubella Rotavirus Pertussis Measles Influenza Haemophilus influenzae Hepatitis B Diphtheria Polio HIB
  • Coverage monitoring
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    The burden of proof -- refocusing on documented evidence of vaccination history in coverage surveys

    October 26th 2016

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- proof / prüf / (noun)

  • Country: Sao Tome And Principe Rwanda Nigeria Niger Gambia Ethiopia Congo Chad
  • Disease: Yellow fever Tetanus Rotavirus Pertussis Measles Influenza Haemophilus influenzae Hepatitis B Diphtheria Polio HIB
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    Critically low routine immunization coverage – We have to move faster; now & forever

    September 06th 2016

    Dear all I take this opportunity to share the following with the viewers as many of them are in the authorized post who can daringly and decisively "move faster" than the VPDs can kill our

  • Country: India
  • Disease: Polio Pertussis Measles Diphtheria
  • Coverage monitoring
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    2015 WHO/UNICEF Estimates of National Immunization Coverage (WUENIC) and supporting visualizations

    July 18th 2016

    The latest WHO and UNICEF estimates of immunization coverage show that 86% of the world’s children received the required 3 doses of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis containing vaccines (DTP3) in 2015

  • Disease: Diphtheria Pertussis Tetanus
  • Performance monitoring Coverage monitoring
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    Routine immunization coverage

    October 16th 2014

    Goal 3.1 of the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) is to: "By 2015, reach 90% national coverage and 80% in ev

  • Disease: Tetanus Pertussis Diphtheria
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    High Immunization Coverage but Delayed Immunization Reflects Gaps in Health Management Information System (HMIS) in District Kangra, Himachal Pradesh, India—An Immunization Evaluation

    April 16th 2015

    Background: Complete and timely childhood immunization is one of the most cost-effective interventions in improving child survival in developing countries. Computerized HMIS has been recently intro

  • Country: India
  • Disease: Diphtheria Tuberculosis Tetanus Pertussis Measles
  • LMIS Coverage monitoring
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    INFORMATION NOTE: Vaccine vial monitor (VVM) assignments for different WHO-prequalified vaccines

    September 08th 2014

    WHO and UNICEF have jointly prepared an information bulletin which addresses varied implications of different types of vaccine vial monitors (VVMs), notably VVM category type 7 (VVM7) and VVM categ

  • Disease: Diphtheria HIB Tetanus Pertussis Influenza Haemophilus influenzae Hepatitis B Polio
  • Temperature indicator VVM
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