Blowkings BK-VC 1.7-CF

Vaccine carrier LR 1.7L

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Title Author Year Type Language Shared by
Decommissioning and safe disposal of cold chain equipment UNICEF/WHO 2019 Report English Moderator
Cold life at +43°C
38 hours
Cool life at +43°C
6 hours
Warm life at - 20°C
13 hours
Coolant packs
0.4 L
Vaccine storage dimensions (cm)
10 x 10 x 17 cm
Gross storage volume (Litre)
1.7 Litre
Vaccine storage capacity (Litre)
1.7 Litre
Insulation thickness (mm)
40 mm
Internal dimensions (cm)
17 x 17 x 18.5 cm
Model coolant pack
0.4 L
Number coolant packs
4 units
Pieces per package
8 units
Shipping volume (m3)
0.17 m3
Shipping weight per carton(kg)
20 kg
Weight empty(Kg)
1.6 kg
Weight fully loaded (Kg)
4 kg
Minimum Rated Ambient T°
Mfr unique reference
BK-VC 1.7-CF
External dimensions
26 x 25 x 28.5 cm
Quality standard
ISO 9001:2008

Above Zero: Strategies to Prevent Vaccine Freezing

This 4-minute animated video emphasizes the difficulty and importance of maintaining proper temperatures in the vaccine cold chain. The risk of exposing vaccines to freezing temperatures are now known to be significant. These risks can be reduced through health worker training, temperature monitoring, investing in new freeze-safe cold chain equipment, and in vaccine formulations that can withstand cooler temperatures. For more information: World Health Organization | PATH | TECHNET21 | View the video in French:

How to Create an Equipment Inventory

You will need a contingency plan for when things go wrong with your equipment. An inventory list helps technicians plan repairs, manage spare parts, and see which locations may need new or additional equipment. Learn how to fill out an equipment inventory, step-by-step. This EPI training video provides knowledge and skills based on WHO guidance (for example, Mid-Level Manager and Immunization in Practice modules) to support routine immunization in the field. Find more at