B Medical Systems Sarl TCW 2000 SDD

Solar direct drive refrigerator/freezer

Product owner: B Medical Systems

Manufacturer reference name
TCW 2000 SDD
B Medical Systems Sarl
First pre-qualification date

Energy Source
Solar direct drive;#4
Solar radiation reference period
3.5 kWh/m2/day
Refrigerator vaccine storage capacity (litre)
Refrigerator's gross volume (litre)
Freezer net volume
< 50 L
Freezer's gross volume
Waterpack freezing capacity
2.4 kg per 24 h
Waterpack storage capacity
14.4 kg
Energy consumption (cool down) KWh/24 h
0.74 kWh/24h
Energy consumption (stable runing, continuous power) KWh/24 h
0.78 kWh/24h
Energy consumption (stable runing, intermittent power) KWh/24h
Energy consumption during freezing (KWh/24 h)
0.96 kWh/24h
Hold over time (hours; mn)
94 hours
85 hours 24 min
Minimum rated ambient temperature
Refrigerant type
Freeze protection
Grade A
Climate zone
Freezer type
Low energy compression
Freezing capacity range
less 5 kg/24h
Fuel and refrigeration cycle
Electric - compression
Quality standard

ISO 9001:2008;#ISO 14001

Range of holdover time
51 - 100 hours
Range vaccine storage capacity
Less than 25L
Range waterpack storage capacity
20 - 100
Shipping volume
1.07 m3
Shipping weight
125 kg
Solar Direct Drive
Type of appliance
Solar direct drive combined refrigerator/freezer
Performance at:

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