Nexleaf Analytics ColdTrace 5

Remote Temperature Monitoring Device

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ColdTrace5 user manual Nexleaf 2018 User guide English Moderator
ColdTrace5_Troubleshooting Guide Nexleaf 2018 User guide English Moderator
ColdTrace Troubleshooting Checklist Nexleaf 2018 User guide English Moderator
ColdTrace5 Dashboard Guide Nexleaf 2018 User guide English Moderator
TEMPLATE ColdTrace5_Equipment_Import_2018 Nexleaf 2018 User guide English Moderator
Decommissioning and safe disposal of cold chain equipment UNICEF/WHO 2018 Report English Moderator
Nexleaf Analytics
Maximum sensor lead length (metres)
Maximum of sensor channels
Mode of operation
Mfr unique product reference
ColdTrace 5
Sensor type(s)
Electronic Thermistor
Alarm function(s)
Audio alarm only
Polycarbonate and ABS
Weight (kg)
Accuracy (+/- °C)
Power source
Rechargeable and Replaceable battery
Battery type
Battery shelf life (year)
Memory size
30 days worth of data
Minimum logging intervals
1 minute
Maximum logging intervals
60 minutes
Memory capacity (readings)
5 years
recording medium
Not applicable
User interface
Web Based
Alarm type
Remotely programmable
Fixing mechanism
Minimum working temperature (°C)
Maximum working temperature (°C)
Display medium
LCD, Computer, Phone, Tablet
Units per package
Weight per package (Kg)
0.75 kg
Shipping volume per package (m3)
0.002 m3
Quality system
ISO 9001:2008
CE marking
Country of manufacture
External dimensions
140 mm x 150 mm x 30 mm

The new Fridge-tag® 3 (EN)

The Fridge-tag® 3 measures the ambient temperature. If one of the two alarm limits/warnings is exceeded or fallen below, the Fridge-tag 3 sends automatically a notification by SMS to predefined person(s) in charge. Additionally the alarm will be triggered on the display and/or is audible as an audio signal. A quick decision and immediate action is thus possible. The PDF/A report can be generated without additional software. The Fridge-tag® 3 is optionally available with an external temperature sensor (measures till -40 °C / -40 °F). The collected temperature data can be easily integrated into a web based server application.

How to Create an Equipment Inventory

You will need a contingency plan for when things go wrong with your equipment. An inventory list helps technicians plan repairs, manage spare parts, and see which locations may need new or additional equipment. Learn how to fill out an equipment inventory, step-by-step. This EPI training video provides knowledge and skills based on WHO guidance (for example, Mid-Level Manager and Immunization in Practice modules) to support routine immunization in the field. Find more at

Interpretation of VVM in relation to other temperature monitoring devices - Umit Kartoglu

Umit Kartoglu reviews temperature monitoring devices used in a typical vaccine cold chain and analyses how the readings relate to each other when there are more than one device at a particular point. This analysis is done from the VVM perspective.