The WHO website provides a list of certain diseases for which vaccines are available, and a list of some pathogens for which vaccines and/or monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are in development. For each disease or pathogen, a link is provided to a...

Annex 17 Generating Consensus Sequences with Sequencher

Annex 17 Generating Consensus Sequences with Sequencher

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Measles Outbreak Guide

September 30th 2022

Dear colleagues,  The conclusions of the Global Measles and Rubella Strategic Plan 2012–2020 implement

  • Disease: Rubella Measles
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    Updated Summary Tables - WHO Vaccination Recommendations

    December 02nd 2021

    Dear Colleagues, I would like to bring to your attention that the Summary Tables of WHO Routine Immunization Recommendations have been updated. The latest versions (No

  • Disease: Yellow fever Tetanus Rubella Rotavirus Measles Diphtheria Polio
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    How, where and when are we going to use microarray patches to deliver #measles and #rubella vaccines?

    November 04th 2020

    Many thanks for attending the session on measles and rubella microarray patches. Follow the URL below to see the session in case you have missed it: 

  • Disease: Measles Rubella Influenza
  • Microarray patch
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    Evidence to action: It's time for 5 dose measles vials, to meet immunization program needs and realities

    July 29th 2020

    Greetings, everyone. I hope that you are healthy and keeping your spirits up amidst these trying times. In March this year, just before COVID-19 shutdowns, I visited health facilities i

  • Country: Zambia India
  • Disease: Measles Rubella Covid-19
  • Coverage monitoring Wastage Missed opportunities for vaccination (MOV) data
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    MR Storage Temperature

    April 24th 2020

    We have MR Vaccine for a campaign that had to be suspended due to current COVID-19 circumstances. These vaccines had been stored between minus 15 and minus 25 deg C at the Primary Store. Later, Vac

  • Disease: Measles Rubella Covid-19
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    Immunization in the context of COVID-19 pandemic: frequently asked questions (‎FAQ)

    April 22nd 2020

    Dear TechNet members, please find below a link to a new WHO-UNICEF publication related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that you may find useful. Immunization in the context of the

  • Disease: Covid-19 Rubella Measles
  • COVID-19
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    WHO request to identify use scenarios of measles and rubella microarray patches (MR-MAPs)

    February 20th 2020

    Dear measles and rubella vaccine delivery and implementation experts, WHO is soliciting your expertise on the potential need and use for microarray patches (MAPs) (otherwise known as micron

  • Country: Switzerland
  • Disease: Measles Rubella
  • Microarray patch
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    Innovate to sustain; Replicate to Accelerate: MR Elimination

    September 26th 2019

    Dear viewrs of techNet community We wish to share the attached wherein a planning unit lead by AYUSH Lady Medical Officer has attained and sustained >95% FIC below one year and DPT 1st b

  • Organisation: TechNet-21
  • Disease: Rubella Measles Polio
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    Measles and Measles-Rubella (MR) Vaccine Five-dose vial Presentations Facts Sheet

    February 19th 2019

    Dear Technet 21 Community, We are glad to share the Measles and Measles-Rubella (MR) Vaccine Five-dose vial presentations Facts sheet. This Facts Sheet informs of the availability o

  • Disease: Rubella Measles
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    Call for papers - Innovations in Measles and Rubella Elimination in the African Region - Pan African Medical Journal

    January 18th 2019

    Innovations in Measles and Rubella Elimination in the African Region Guest Editors:

  • Country: Kenya Cameroon
  • Disease: Rubella Measles
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