Report that outlines the findings from the study on COVID-19 vaccine demand promotion drawing on the qualitative data gathered from Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa and South Sudan,Report that outlines the findings from the study on COVID-19 vaccine...

Despite South Africa’s substantial investments in and efforts at ensuring universal access to immunisation services, progress has stalled and remains suboptimal across provinces and districts. An additional challenge is posed by the ongoing...

The VM1000 control unit supports: 1. A maximum of 4 wired & 4 wireless probes, or 8 probes in total 2. Power status monitoring 3. Room Temperature & Humidity Monitoring 4. Door Monitoring 5. Interactive color LCD to monitor and control the...

The FreezeGuard device works with any powered vaccine fridge or cold-room to detect and automatically prevent freezing events.

The Better Immunization Data Learning Network (BLN) held a webinar entitled “Introduction to OpenHIE and Interoperability for National Information Systems”. The presentation gave an introduction to the OpenHIE community, the concept of...

The purpose of the study was to assess whether the Road to Health Card (RTHC) was adequately completed and interpreted at primary, secondary and tertiary care levels in South Africa.

This study sought to determine the challenges faced by professional nurses in monitoring the Road to Health Car (RTHC) during consultation, the degree of implementation of the RTHC programme, and the most utilised aspect of the RTHC at Louis...

Standard operating procedures of data management for HPV vaccine

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Empowering Community Voices to Promote Vaccine Confidence through Social Media

April 12th 2022

Empowering Community Voices to Promote Vaccine Confidence through Social Media Wednesday, April 20, 2022, at 8:00 AM EST | 12:00 PM GMT | 3:00 PM EAT | 5:00 AM PDT (

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  • Disease: Covid-19
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    Stemming the Tide of Counterfeit Proof of Vaccination

    January 08th 2019

    Recent reports [1] of counterfeit yellow fever vaccination certificates in Zambia follow reports of falsified proof of vaccination documents being used in other countries, including Ethiopia [2], I

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  • Disease: Yellow fever Ebola Polio
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    Is there a place for home-based records alongside electronic health records and/or electronic registries?

    January 22nd 2018

    In some communities, electronic health information systems (a topic discussed here in TechNet periodically and within the

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    Editorial from EPI Monthly Feedback Bulletin from AFRO East and South (August-October 2017): The use of innovations (ODK) supporting country level Integrated Supportive Supervision real time documentation.

    November 13th 2017

    As part of the WHO African region efforts to improve immunization and surveillance performances in terms of quality, effectiveness, efficiency, coverage and equity and in order to strengthen the ca

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    Cold Chain – A Hot Topic!

    April 28th 2017

    Dear Colleagues, As you are all aware, cold chain within warehouse operations and the supply chain as a whole is an extremely specialised field, thus is it with great pleasure that Imperial

  • Country: South Africa
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    Have you included pharmacists in your immunization plan?

    April 07th 2017

    Dear TechNet-21 Community, For many years, pharmacists have been involved in supply chain and supporting campaigns to support immunization by patients, but they are more and more i

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    Warehouse Operations Management Course 8 – 19 May 2017 Nairobi Kenya

    March 30th 2017

    Dear All, It gives me great pleasure to announce that Imperial Health Sciences will be hosting the next Warehouse Operations Management (WOM) program in English from the 8th – 19th of May

  • Country: South Africa Kenya
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    PharmCom Program 2017-Strathmore University Business School & Imperial Health Sciences

    March 17th 2017

    Greetings from Strathmore Business School and Imperial Health Sciences. Allow me to introduce to you the PharmCom Program as below:

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  • Disease: Malaria
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    Moderated Discussion on IAPHL: Using M&E to Drive Supply Chain Improvement

    October 21st 2016

    Dear TechNet-21 Members, we invite you to follow a moderated discussion just getting started on the International Association of Public Health Logisticians (IAPHL) listserve. You can join the IAHPL

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