While significant gains in reaching more people with more vaccines have been made since the 1974 launch of the Extended Program on Immunization (EPI), coverage improvements stagnated during the decade leading up to 2019, and then fell dramatically...

Report that outlines the findings from the study on COVID-19 vaccine demand promotion drawing on the qualitative data gathered from Ethiopia, Rwanda, South Africa and South Sudan,Report that outlines the findings from the study on COVID-19 vaccine...

South Sudan: cost effective and robust solution to overcome data and information systems limitations

This study reviews the administrative routine immunization data from 15 African countries for the period from January 2018 to June 2020 to analyze the trends in the monthly number of children vaccinated with specific antigens, and compare the...

This is the pdf slides from the Mini-cPIE Clinic #03: Country Experience Sharing and Lessons Learned from Fragile States/ Humanitarian Contexts, which took place on Tuesday, 12 October 2021. This mini-cPIE clinic included presenters from South Sudan...

Logistimo is a cloud-based logistics management information system that can help immunization health workers keep track of vaccine stock as it is received and dispatched. In May 2012, the Government of South Sudan deployed Logistimo in the national...

Immunization remains one of the most cost effective and successful strategy globally in reducing the morbidity and mortality associated with the vaccine related diseases. However, during certain situations like the current COVID-19 pandemic, there...

\"Each year, the WHO and UNICEF release an annual report that estimates global immunization coverage. The report offers a snapshot of the world’s progress toward achieving the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), which was endorsed by all 194 WHO...

The Immunization Systems Management Group (IMG) was established to coordinate and oversee objective 2 of the Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan 2013–2018, namely, (1) introduction of ≥1 dose of inactivated poliovirus vaccine in all 126...

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Editorial from EPI Monthly Feedback Bulletin from AFRO East and South (August-October 2017): The use of innovations (ODK) supporting country level Integrated Supportive Supervision real time documentation.

November 13th 2017

As part of the WHO African region efforts to improve immunization and surveillance performances in terms of quality, effectiveness, efficiency, coverage and equity and in order to strengthen the ca

  • Organisation: WHO
  • Country: Zimbabwe Zambia Uganda Swaziland Sudan South Sudan South Africa Seychelles Namibia Malawi Madagascar Lesotho Kenya Ethiopia Eritrea Botswana
  • Disease: Measles Cholera Polio HIB
  • Disease surveillance Coverage monitoring GIS
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    Vacancy: Vaccination operations focal point, MSF-USA

    September 02nd 2014

    http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/work-us/work-office/office-employment The NY office of MSF-USA is seeking a full time operational liaison to advance progress on vaccination in target countries

  • Organisation: MSF
  • Country: Sudan South Sudan Chad
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    How can information systems help to improve the performance of immunization programs?

    September 26th 2013

    by Jan Grevendonk, WHO Project Optimize has worked closely with national immunization programs throughout the world to demonstrate innovative solutions to supply chain challen

  • Country: Tunisia Sudan South Sudan Senegal Mozambique Guatemala Albania
  • Optimize
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    Optimize wraps up collaborations in six countries

    February 24th 2015

    [i]by Dan Brigden, WHO[/i] Over the last five years, project Optimize has worked closely with national immunization programs to explore innovative solutions to supply chain challenges. Each project

  • Country: Tunisia Sudan South Sudan Senegal Guatemala Albania
  • Distribution system Optimize
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    Closing the book on project Optimize

    September 26th 2013

    [i]by Michel Zaffran, WHO[/i] In December 2007, a team of talented individuals from PATH and the World Health Organization (WHO) came together to form project Optimize, a five-year collaboration to

  • Country: Tunisia Sudan South Sudan Senegal Guatemala Albania
  • Distribution system Optimize
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    Four videos on Logistics Information Management Systems from PATH

    September 04th 2013

    VaxTrak in Vietnam VaxTrak helps health workers keep track of vacci

  • Organisation: PATH
  • Country: Sudan South Sudan Albania
  • LMIS Optimize Software
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    Traveling exhibit highlights supply system innovations

    May 08th 2013

    by Heidi Lasher, consultant, and Kathleen Tiffay, PATH Much of the knowledge generated by project Optimize and its partners is being shared in reports and presentations published on the [url=http:/

  • Country: Zimbabwe Sudan South Sudan Senegal Albania
  • Disease: HIB
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    In pictures: Logistimo in South Sudan

    October 11th 2012

    by Ryan McWhorter, Logistimo, and Dan Brigden, PATH To accompany the article “South Sudan deploys new mobile phone-based stock management tool” in this month’s newsletter, projec

  • Country: Sudan South Sudan
  • LMIS App Software
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    South Sudan deploys new mobile phone-based stock management tool

    October 11th 2012

    by Morris Gargar, Consultant; Elly Tumwine, UNICEF; and Ryan McWhorter, Logistimo The Government of the Republic of South Sudan is working with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UN

  • Country: Sudan South Sudan
  • LMIS Optimize App Cloud Mobile phone
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    August 10th 2021

    As countries conduct mini COVID-19 vaccine Post-Introduction Evaluation (mini-cPIE), also called the COVID-19 Vaccination Intra-Action Review (IAR), to review and adjust their COVID-19 vaccine roll