This article describes findings from a Missed Opportunities for Vaccination (MOV) assessment in Timor Leste and how the country has been implementing the updated World Health Organization MOV strategy to increase vaccination coverage and equity.

This analysis describes an innovative and successful approach to risk identification and mitigation in relation to the switch from trivalent to bivalent oral polio vaccine (OPV) in the 11 countries of the World Health Organization’s (WHO’s)...

Fragile states are home to a sixth of the world\'s population, and their populations are particularly vulnerable to infectious disease outbreaks. Timely surveillance and control are essential to minimise the impact of these outbreaks, but little...

Poorly managed AEFI undermine immunization programs. Improved surveillance in SEAR countries means more AEFIs but management varies. SEAR brought countries together to share AEFI experiences, and learn more about causality assessment.

The level of vaccination coverage in a given community depends on both service factors and the degree to which the public understands and trusts the immunization process. This article describes an approach that aims to raise awareness and boost...

Over the past several years, the development of new vaccines, along with global efforts to make them more available and affordable, has resulted in the introduction of lifesaving vaccines in low-resource countries around the world. From 2008 to...

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Delegation interventions on GVAP at WHO EB

January 26th 2012

Here is a summary of interventions made by country delegations during the GVAP discussion at the WHO Executive Board on 21 January. - A number of delegations mentioned the importance of including

  • Organisation: Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP)
  • Country: Timor Leste Sierra Leone Senegal Japan India France Ecuador China
  • Disease: Measles
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    Extending the useful life of export packaging

    July 20th 2011

    [i]by Dmitri Davydov, UNICEF Supply Division and John Lloyd, PATH[/i] In partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the Danish Technical University has begun a pro bono study o

  • Country: Timor Leste Sudan South Sudan Somalia Mali Lesotho Australia
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    Update on Maternal Neonatal Tetanus Elimination: October 2010

    October 28th 2010

    [b]UPDATE ON MATERNAL NEONATAL TETANUS ELIMINATION AS OF OCTOBER 2010[/b] [b] [/b] [b] [/b]WHO/CHERG estimates for causes of child mortality show that Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus (MNT) was responsib

  • Country: Yemen Uganda Timor Leste Sudan Somalia Sierra Leone Senegal Pakistan Nigeria Niger Myanmar Mozambique Mauritania Mali Liberia Indonesia Guinea Bissau Guinea Gabon Ethiopia Equatorial Guinea Congo Central African Republic Cameroon Cambodia Burkina Faso Benin Afghanistan
  • Disease: Tetanus
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    Monthly MNT Elimination Updates- June 2009

    June 20th 2009

    Launched in 1999 by UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA and partners the MNT Elimination initiative has led to protection of more than 90 million women against tetanus in more than 45 countries through Supplemental Im

  • Country: Yemen Uganda Turkey Timor Leste Sudan Somalia Sierra Leone Senegal Philippines Papua New Guinea Pakistan Nigeria Niger Myanmar Mozambique Mauritania Mali Madagascar Liberia Kenya Iraq Indonesia India Haiti Guinea Ghana Gabon Ethiopia Equatorial Guinea Congo Comoros China Chad Central African Republic Cameroon Cambodia Burundi Burkina Faso Benin Angola Afghanistan Laos
  • Disease: Tetanus Polio
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