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Vaccinations have saved the lives of more children than any other medical intervention in the past 50 years, and an effective immunization approach is a critical factor in the eradication of disease. To be effective, however, doses must be administered at the appropriate intervals. Prior to 2012, all of Vietnam’s immunization records were paper-based. Time consuming, laborious, prone to errors, and a barrier to efficient vaccine stock management, this system was making it difficult to ensure children and pregnant women were getting the timely protection they needed to defend them from dangerous but preventable diseases. For almost ten years, PATH has supported Vietnam’s efforts to develop and scale a national electronic immunization registry (EIR). As the country prepares to close the paper logbooks for the final time, PATH is providing assistance to ensure that no child is left behind and to document Vietnam’s journey to a national EIR so that others may learn from its successes and challenges.

PATH’s The Introducing Digital Immunization information systems–Exchange And Learning from Vietnam (IDEAL-Vietnam) project, funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, will work closely with Vietnam’s Ministry of Health (MOH) to facilitate a successful transition to an entirely paperless immunization system and generate and share evidence-based and data-driven learning and experience from Vietnam to inform, influence, and accelerate the successful implementation of similar tools in other countries and contexts.


Project overview 

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PATH IDEAL Factsheet PATH 2019 Document English


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IDEAL lessons learned case studies - English 

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Mobile Network Operator Partnerships in Action for Health: A Vietnam case study on mobile network operator and Ministry of Health engagement for electronic immunization registry application PATH, General Department of Preventive Medicine, National Expanded Program on Immunization, Viettel 2019 Document English


IDEAL lessons learned case studies - Vietnamese 

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Hợp tác với nhà khai thác mạng di động trong y tế: Nghiên cứu tình huống ở Việt Nam về hợp tác với nhà mạng viễn thông và y tế trong Hệ thống quản lý thông tin tiêm chủng PATH, Cục Y tế dự phòng, Chương trình Tiêm chủng Mở rộng Quốc gia, Tập đoàn Công nghiệp Viễn thông Viettel 2019 Document Vietnamese