wVSSM is an open-source web application for managing vaccine stock and related supplies. It was developed in Iran with support from WHO and Project Optimize. In November 2011, wVSSM was deployed by the Tunisian Ministry of Health in the national...

Hepatitis B virus (HBV) vaccination has been part of the Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI) in Tunisia since 1995. The aim of this study was to evaluate, for the first time, the impact of mass vaccination in Tunisia 17 years after this...

This report summarizes the presentations and discussions of the Technet Consultation held from 2 to 4...

This project Optimize evidence brief discusses the rationale for introducing net-zero energy systems into vaccine supply chains and describes the experiences and lessons learned in a demonstration project in Tunisia. Opportunities and challenges are...

This paper describes an approach piloted in the Kasserine region of Tunisia to increase the energy efficiency of the distribution of vaccines and temperature sensitive drugs. The objectives of an approach, known as the ‘net zero energy’ (NZE)...

Accidental freezing of vaccines is a growing threat and a real risk for national immunization programs when the potency of many vaccines can be compromised if these are exposed to sub-zero temperatures in the cold chain. In Tunisia, this issue is...

As countries prepare to introduce IPV, there is an opportunity to leverage lessons learned from countries that have already introduced the vaccine. The purpose of this document is to give an in-depth overview of IPV introduction in three countries:...

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September 01st 2015

Thirty countries have now introduced IPV vaccine as part of objective 2 of the Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan. In August, the second of the polio endemic countries, Pakistan, introduced

  • Country: Tunisia Pakistan Nigeria Niger Nepal Albania
  • Disease: Polio
  • New vaccine introduction
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    'Moving Warehouse' streamlines vaccine distribution

    October 02nd 2014

    The 'Moving Warehouse' (MW) system of vaccine distribution issues vaccine as needed from a mobile stock to a series of stores situated on a pre-planned delivery circuit. MW has proved to be the best o

  • Country: Tunisia Senegal Mozambique Indonesia Albania
  • Distribution system
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    Ice-lined refrigerators: Time to rethink this product?

    June 24th 2014

    Icelined refrigerators have become a dominant standard worldwide for the safe storage of vaccine in areas of unreliable electricity supplies. In the 35 years since the start of the Product Information

  • Country: Tunisia Morocco Algeria
  • Ice-lined
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    Member States Delegates discuss progress towards global immunization goals at the 67th WHA

    May 27th 2014

    [b]Member States Delegates discuss progress towards global immunization goals at the World Health Assembly, May 2014[/b] [b]Fifty-four speakers including 50 representatives from Member States[1], o

  • Country: Uruguay Tunisia Togo Thailand Spain South Africa Korea South Oman Namibia Morocco Mongolia Mexico Maldives Malaysia Malawi Libya Lebanon Kenya Jordan Japan Jamaica Iraq Indonesia India Grenada Germany Ethiopia Egypt Ecuador Costa Rica Congo Colombia China Burundi Brazil Barbados Bahrain Azerbaijan Argentina Algeria
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    Why integrate supply chains?

    September 26th 2013

    [i]by Patrick Lydon, WHO, and Prashant Yadav, University of Michigan[/i] Project Optimize has recently published a document that examines the benefits, challenges, and rationale for integrating vac

  • Country: Tunisia Senegal
  • Distribution system
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    How can information systems help to improve the performance of immunization programs?

    September 26th 2013

    by Jan Grevendonk, WHO Project Optimize has worked closely with national immunization programs throughout the world to demonstrate innovative solutions to supply chain challen

  • Country: Tunisia Sudan South Sudan Senegal Mozambique Guatemala Albania
  • Optimize
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    Optimize wraps up collaborations in six countries

    February 24th 2015

    [i]by Dan Brigden, WHO[/i] Over the last five years, project Optimize has worked closely with national immunization programs to explore innovative solutions to supply chain challenges. Each project

  • Country: Tunisia Sudan South Sudan Senegal Guatemala Albania
  • Distribution system Optimize
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    Closing the book on project Optimize

    September 26th 2013

    [i]by Michel Zaffran, WHO[/i] In December 2007, a team of talented individuals from PATH and the World Health Organization (WHO) came together to form project Optimize, a five-year collaboration to

  • Country: Tunisia Sudan South Sudan Senegal Guatemala Albania
  • Distribution system Optimize
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    TechNet21 consultation presentations: Dakar, 5-7 Feb. 2013

    February 15th 2013

    The TechNet21 consultation was held in Dakar, Senegal from 5-7 February 2013. Around 200 delegates attended the conference, where presentations were made on a wide range of subjects. We bring you the

  • Organisation: TechNet-21
  • Country: Tunisia Sri Lanka Senegal Madagascar Indonesia Haiti Gambia Botswana Benin
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    SIVAC supports technical advisory groups on new vaccine introductions

    October 11th 2012

    by Kamel Senouci and Lara Gautier, AMP Many national immunization programs rely on the professional advice of national immunization technical advisory groups (NITAGs) to help them make critical dec

  • Country: Tunisia Senegal Nepal Mozambique Mongolia Lebanon Kyrgyzstan Kazakhstan Indonesia Egypt Benin Azerbaijan Albania
  • Disease: Rubella Rotavirus Polio
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