RDT IgM Arbo panel interpretation for countries without RT-qPCR, ELISA or PRNT capability

Standard operating procedure for shipping yellow fever (YF) specimens to Regional Reference Laboratories (RRLs)

Job aid for laboratory testing diseases including YF for health facilities and districts - Tanzania

The WHO website provides a list of certain diseases for which vaccines are available, and a list of some pathogens for which vaccines and/or monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) are in development. For each disease or pathogen, a link is provided to a...

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Updated Summary Tables - WHO Vaccination Recommendations

December 02nd 2021

Dear Colleagues, I would like to bring to your attention that the Summary Tables of WHO Routine Immunization Recommendations have been updated. The latest versions (No

  • Disease: Yellow fever Tetanus Rubella Rotavirus Measles Diphtheria Polio
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    Stemming the Tide of Counterfeit Proof of Vaccination

    January 08th 2019

    Recent reports [1] of counterfeit yellow fever vaccination certificates in Zambia follow reports of falsified proof of vaccination documents being used in other countries, including Ethiopia [2], I

  • Country: Zimbabwe Zambia Uganda Sudan South Africa Pakistan Nigeria Niger India Ghana Ethiopia
  • Disease: Yellow fever Ebola Polio
  • Data quality Home-based records
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    Solving immunization supply chain challenges with blockchain technology?

    May 22nd 2018

    I am really interested in the potential benefits that blockchain technology could bring to immunization. There have been many discussions on vaccine packaging and barcoding as

  • Organisation: WHO
  • Disease: Yellow fever
  • Barcode
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    Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization October 2016 meeting report

    December 05th 2016

    The SAGE October 2016 meeting report has been published in the WHO Weekly Epidemiological Record. SAGE reviewed relevant data and evidence, advised and made recommendations on various complex and c

  • Organisation: Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP) Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE)
  • Disease: Polio Hepatitis B Tetanus Yellow fever Rubella Measles Human papillomavirus
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    The burden of proof -- refocusing on documented evidence of vaccination history in coverage surveys

    October 26th 2016

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- proof / prüf / (noun)

  • Country: Sao Tome And Principe Rwanda Nigeria Niger Gambia Ethiopia Congo Chad
  • Disease: Yellow fever Tetanus Rotavirus Pertussis Measles Influenza Haemophilus influenzae Hepatitis B Diphtheria Polio HIB
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    Fractional dose (0.1 ml) used subcutaneously during a Yellow Fever vaccination campaign in DR Congo

    October 04th 2016

    Dear all, Can anyone have an idea on the scientific basis for the use of the fractional dose (0.1 ml) of Yellow Fever vaccine during a pre-emptive mass vaccination campaign? As a re

  • Organisation: WHO
  • Country: Congo
  • Disease: Yellow fever
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    Multi-dose vaccine in ampoules

    May 30th 2016

    Hello All, In the website for WHO PQ vaccines BCG and Yellow Fever are the two vaccines which have multi dose preparations packaged in ampoules. As soon as we open a mulit-dose ampoule and

  • Disease: Yellow fever
  • Vaccine management AEFI BCG
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    Immunization data from WHO

    March 21st 2014

    Here are some of the latest immunization data available on the WHO website: Global Immunization Data Summary: Global immunization coverage in 2012

  • Country: Nigeria Niger Maldives India Belarus
  • Disease: HIB Mumps Rubella Tetanus Yellow fever Pertussis Measles Influenza Haemophilus influenzae Hepatitis B Diphtheria
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    Two surveys: Vaccine investment and vaccine supply chain

    July 15th 2013

    Joanie Robertson Senior Manager, Vaccine Supply Chain, GAVI Alliance wants your views on vaccine investment strategies and the vaccine supply chain. The GAVI Alliance i

  • Organisation: Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
  • Disease: Cholera Yellow fever Rabies Malaria Influenza
  • Distribution system
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    Weekly epidemiological record: SAGE special (No. 20 , 2013 , 88 , 201–216)

    May 28th 2013

    The Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization was established by the Director-General of the World Health Org

  • Organisation: Strategic Advisory Group of Experts on Immunization (SAGE)
  • Disease: Dengue Yellow fever Varicella Measles Influenza Polio
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