IIS is an online immunization information system that can record child immunizations and manage vaccine stock. In 2011, the Albanian Institute of Public Health deployed IIS in the northern Albanian district of Shkoder. This short video shows how IIS...

The BID Initiative Learning Network (BLN) hosted a webinar which elaborated on the establishment, use, and added value of a web-based Immunization Information System (IIS) in Albania. The talk covered the process of establishing the registry-based...

Background: Albania introduced inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) into its immunization system in May 2014, increasing the maximum recommended number of injectable vaccines given in a single visit from 2 to 3. Methods: Health-care providers and...

A slide set with the key findings from Albania\'s DHS 2008-2009 and their health care system and records

Despite the improvements made in global immunization coverage for children over the past decade,1,2 an estimated 21.8 million infants worldwide are still not being reached by routine immunization services.3 In 2013, most of the World Health...

This intervention study was conducted in Albania to establish the superiority of the Fridge-tag (30-day electronic refrigerator temperature logger) against thermometers. Intervention sites used Fridge-tag and a modified temperature control record...

As countries prepare to introduce IPV, there is an opportunity to leverage lessons learned from countries that have already introduced the vaccine. The purpose of this document is to give an in-depth overview of IPV introduction in three countries:...

In collaboration with the Albanian Ministry of Health, project Optimize has installed a short message service–based system that monitors and logs temperature conditions in peripheral cold chain equipment. The team aims to assess the benefits of...

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"THE BOOK OF VVM: Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow" is now available for free download

October 21st 2019

The story of a time and temperature indicator (vaccine vial monitor) that has dramatically changed the course of vaccine management practices as well as shaped the future of cold chain, THE BOOK OF

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  • Disease: Diphtheria Polio
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    September 01st 2015

    Thirty countries have now introduced IPV vaccine as part of objective 2 of the Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan. In August, the second of the polio endemic countries, Pakistan, introduced

  • Country: Tunisia Pakistan Nigeria Niger Nepal Albania
  • Disease: Polio
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    'Moving Warehouse' streamlines vaccine distribution

    October 02nd 2014

    The 'Moving Warehouse' (MW) system of vaccine distribution issues vaccine as needed from a mobile stock to a series of stores situated on a pre-planned delivery circuit. MW has proved to be the best o

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    How can information systems help to improve the performance of immunization programs?

    September 26th 2013

    by Jan Grevendonk, WHO Project Optimize has worked closely with national immunization programs throughout the world to demonstrate innovative solutions to supply chain challen

  • Country: Tunisia Sudan South Sudan Senegal Mozambique Guatemala Albania
  • Optimize
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    Optimize wraps up collaborations in six countries

    February 24th 2015

    [i]by Dan Brigden, WHO[/i] Over the last five years, project Optimize has worked closely with national immunization programs to explore innovative solutions to supply chain challenges. Each project

  • Country: Tunisia Sudan South Sudan Senegal Guatemala Albania
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    Closing the book on project Optimize

    September 26th 2013

    [i]by Michel Zaffran, WHO[/i] In December 2007, a team of talented individuals from PATH and the World Health Organization (WHO) came together to form project Optimize, a five-year collaboration to

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    Four videos on Logistics Information Management Systems from PATH

    September 04th 2013

    VaxTrak in Vietnam VaxTrak helps health workers keep track of vacci

  • Organisation: PATH
  • Country: Sudan South Sudan Albania
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    Traveling exhibit highlights supply system innovations

    May 08th 2013

    by Heidi Lasher, consultant, and Kathleen Tiffay, PATH Much of the knowledge generated by project Optimize and its partners is being shared in reports and presentations published on the [url=http:/

  • Country: Zimbabwe Sudan South Sudan Senegal Albania
  • Disease: HIB
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    SIVAC supports technical advisory groups on new vaccine introductions

    October 11th 2012

    by Kamel Senouci and Lara Gautier, AMP Many national immunization programs rely on the professional advice of national immunization technical advisory groups (NITAGs) to help them make critical dec

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