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POST 01023E : POLIOMYELITIS ERADICATION : MATERIAL OF INTEREST 9 December 2006 ____________________________________ We are sending you six documents of great interest on the polio situation in the world. We are again thanking Robert Davis and Evelyn Chege who sent them in Tech Updates. __________________________________ To evaluate potential consequences of a reintroduction of poliovirus and resulting epidemic outbreaks, authors have simulated different post-eradication conditions to develop a dynamic disease transmission model, on the basis of outbreak models in Albania, the Netherlands and the Dominican Republic. (165K before encoding) ------------------------------------- India is one of countries where polio eradication is facing major challenges particularly in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. The presentation below "Polio Elimination in India", by Dr Nicholas Grassly, Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Imperial College, in London, England, was recently presented at the meeting of the Advisory Committee on Poliomyelitis Eradication in Geneva, and will soon be published in the journal "Science". Grassly analyzes the problem of persistence of wild polio virus transmission in that country, and supports the strategy of using monovalent vaccines that could eliminate polio in India if coverage is maintained. (760K before encoding) -------------------------------------- The British Medical Journal also recently published (25 November) a short news article on the same topic : " WHO is to change its polio programme in India to try to eradicate the disease " by Claire Frauenfelder -------------------------------------- The report summary below is that of a meeting at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, United States. Earlier this year, possible use of inactivated polio vaccine in the final phase of eradication was discussed. Even if the meeting only recommended to assess that potential in an urgent manner, in an Indian setting, I wish to express my skepticism towards this prospect, on a purely personal basis. It is for you to make your own judgement! --------------------------------------- For those who haven't seen them : Conclusions and recommandations of the Advisory Committee on Poliomyelitis Eradication (Part I), concerning the interruption of wild poliovirus transmission and prevention of international spread. Conclusions and recommandations of the Advisory Committee on Poliomyelitis Eradication (Part II), concerning the eventual global cessation of routine immunization with oral polio vaccine. --------------------------------------- Concerning Nigeria, encouraging news are coming from this country that you can find in the following presentation, "Nigeria Update : Epidemiology of Wild Poliovirus" of 24 Novembre (anonymous). This presentation tends to demonstrate that the tide may have turned in Nigeria. Since July 2006 indeed, the number of reported cases is lower than that of corresponding months of 2005, but it is still too early to draw conclusions. (1MB before encoding) ______________________________________________________________________________ All members of the TechNet21 e-Forum are invited to send comments on any posting or to use the forum to raise a new discussion or request technical information in relation to immunization services. The comments made in this forum are the sole responsibility of the writers and do not in any way mean that they are endorsed by any of the organizations and agencies to which the authors may belong. ______________________________________________________________________________ Visit the TECHNET21 Website at You will find instructions to subscribe, a direct access to archives, links to reference documents and other features. ______________________________________________________________________________ To UNSUBSCRIBE, send a message to : mailto:[email protected] Leave the subject area BLANK In the message body, write unsubscribe TECHNET21E ______________________________________________________________________________ The World Health Organization and UNICEF support TechNet21. The TechNet21 e-Forum is a communication/information tool for generation of ideas on how to improve immunization services. It is moderated by Claude Letarte and is hosted in cooperation with the Centre de coopération internationale en santé et développement, Québec, Canada ( ______________________________________________________________________________
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