Mardi 24 Janvier 2017
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Happy New Year to all TechNet members! I trust that the holiday season was relaxing and peaceful for all. I want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your continued participation in the forum and other areas of the website. It’s been wonderful to hear so many different voices from around the world, each demonstrating a commitment to “strengthening immunization services by sharing experiences, coordinating activities, and helping to formulate optimal policies”. TechNet is truly living up to its founding aspirations!

Over the last few years, we have observed a gradual but reassuringly consistent increase in activity on the TechNet forum. In 2016, the number of replies to forum posts more than doubled from the previous year. In fact, last year was the busiest yet on the TechNet forum. The TechNet Resource Library, or TRL, has also continued to grow exponentially, and now provides a huge repository (almost 3,000 items) of journal articles, documents, tools, videos, websites, and other immunization resources.

In 2016, people from 186 countries visited the TechNet website. The ten countries from which most visitors came were: India, United States, Switzerland, Russia, France, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Denmark, Kenya, and Uganda. Last year, TechNet welcomed a grand total of 374 new members – more than one a day.


The explosion of activity within the various private groups on TechNet has likewise reaffirmed the utility of the TechNet web platform. The Immunization Practices Advisory Committee (IPAC), Delivery Technology Working Group of IPAC, Controlled Temperature Chain (CTC) Working Group of IPAC, WHO PQS Devices Specifications Working Group, and the WHO-UNICEF Hub, all now maintain collaborative groups on the website.

We hope that in 2017 the website will continue to improve the services it offers to the immunization community. To this end, we are already planning an ambitious website redesign for later this year, as well as several new features.

  • Improved support for non-English speakers
  • A new Jobs and Skills portal to help members find new opportunities, and help recruiters find members with the skills and experience they are looking for
  • Better, more professional email communication
  • Redesigned website with a new look-and-feel and faster load times, with more engaging and dynamic content
  • New, comprehensive resource libraries for home-based records, data visualisations and infographics, cold chain equipment manuals and training resources
  • Full social media account integration
  • The TechNet-21 App for Android and iPhone

Exciting times ahead! In the meantime, let me wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year.

The TechNet-21 Team

7 years ago

Congratulations Dan.

TechNet is getting better and better and being used by more and more people all over the world. Without you we wouldn't have TechNet with all the channels it opens for us to share ideas and information.



7 years ago

Dear Dan Sir

Thank you for providing the summary. Since we met last at Bangkok, I continued to share the actual field experineces with the world through TechNet-21. All the filed level service providers who made it possible are also happy as their hard work is reflected and projected to the viewers all over the world.

Thanks and regards

Holla and the team

7 years ago
Hear, hear James.
Been great to see the discussions: Thanks Dan

Wishing TechnNet friends a very wonderful 2017!
Dr Osman David Mansoor | PublicHealth Physician| Wellington, NZ| MA MSc MBBChir (FAFPHM1994)FNZCPHM
Training ProgrammeSupervisor/Central Region | NZCollege of Public Health Medicine
7 years ago

Thanks Dan for sharing information and discussions.

It is nice to know that India is one of thecountriesfrom which most visitors came last year. The number of Technet-21 members is increasing from all over the world with each passing day speaks volume of the services Technet platform has been providing to its members.


Dr S C Gupta, Jaipur, India

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