On April 23, 2016, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Ministry of Health reported an outbreak of yellow fever. As of May 24, 2016, among 41 confirmed yellow fever cases, 31 (75.6%) had occurred in Kongo Central Province, in the western part...

Introduction The continuous deployments of polio resources, infrastructures and systems for responding to other disease outbreaks in many African countries has led to a number of lessons considered as best practice that need to be documented for...

In January 2012, polio eradication was declared a \"programmatic emergency for global public health\" by the Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO) (1). Since the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) began in 1988 (2), progress...

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Exciting opportunity to contribute to Demand Innovation

March 18th 2021

Deadline extended  Do you work on health or immunization? Are y

  • Country: Pakistan Nigeria Niger India Ethiopia Democratic Republic Of The Congo Congo Angola
  • Disease: Covid-19
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    Les Futures Vaccins seront facilement accepter dans nos communautés africaines?

    October 15th 2020

    En Afrique, il faut plus mener des actions de sensibilisation de communautés pour que les futures Vaccins soient facilement accepter par les populations africaines. Matthieu Key, E

  • Country: Congo
  • Vaccine hesitancy New vaccine introduction
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    Atelier en ligne: Vers une chaine nationale d’approvisionnement des vaccins résiliente et pérenne durant la pandémie du COVID-19 et au-delà (version française)

    July 24th 2020

    EPIEPI Atelier en ligne: Vers une chaine nationale d’approvisionnement des vaccins résiliente et pérenne durant la pandémie du COVID-19 et au-delà Date

  • Country: Mali Madagascar Congo
  • Disease: Covid-19
  • Vaccine management EVM New vaccine introduction
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    Case study: How to select a drone 3PL for immunization transport

    July 20th 2020

    I wanted to share with you a new resource that VillageReach has created describing our first-hand experience with selecting a drone company to operate flights in the Democratic Republic of Congo an

  • Country: Mozambique Congo
  • UAV
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    Webinar Invitation: Integrating Drones into Immunization Supply Chains

    October 14th 2019

    Hello TechNet-21 members,  The UAV for Payload Delivery Working Group (UPDWG) invite you to attend a special, one and a

  • Country: Vanuatu Congo
  • UAV Integration
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    Drones for Health, exploring immunization supply chain solutions in DRC

    September 06th 2019

    Dear TechNet Community, I have an exciting milestone to share on behalf of the VillageReach Drones for Health team: Since 2015, VillageReach has collaborated with stakeholders at local, reg

  • Country: Congo
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    Not coming to the conference? Watch online

    October 13th 2017

    Dear TechNet community, The 15th TechNet Conference will take place next week in Cascais, Portugal. All plenary sessions will be streamed on the TechNet-21 channel on YouTube, so if you are

  • Organisation: TechNet-21
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    Home-based record stock-outs — a quiet problem challenging immunization programmes that needs attention. Is bundling with other vaccine delivery supplies a reasonable solution?

    October 28th 2016

    Posting by: David W Brown, Brown Consulting Group International, LLC, North Carolina, USA Marta Gacic-Dobo, World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland The WHO and UNICEF

  • Country: Switzerland Philippines Malawi Kenya Guinea Bissau Guinea Ghana Congo Chad Cameroon
  • Home-based records Data reporting
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    The burden of proof -- refocusing on documented evidence of vaccination history in coverage surveys

    October 26th 2016

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- proof / prüf / (noun)

  • Country: Sao Tome And Principe Rwanda Nigeria Niger Gambia Ethiopia Congo Chad
  • Disease: Yellow fever Tetanus Rotavirus Pertussis Measles Influenza Haemophilus influenzae Hepatitis B Diphtheria Polio HIB
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    Fractional dose (0.1 ml) used subcutaneously during a Yellow Fever vaccination campaign in DR Congo

    October 04th 2016

    Dear all, Can anyone have an idea on the scientific basis for the use of the fractional dose (0.1 ml) of Yellow Fever vaccine during a pre-emptive mass vaccination campaign? As a re

  • Organisation: WHO
  • Country: Congo
  • Disease: Yellow fever
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