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  3. jeudi 30 novembre 2017

​​Dear TechNet Members,


We are pleased to announce that Empower School of Health (ESH), a Centre of Excellence for Global Health Supply Chain Management, is organizing 8th INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON QUALITY ASSURANCE IN PROCUREMENT & SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT, scheduled from 29th Jan – 02nd Feb, 2018 in GOA, INDIA.

The key topics being covered are:

  • Pharmaceutical Product Quality
  • Rational Quality Assurance System
  • National Quality Assurance Plans and Manual
  • Procuring Good Quality Pharmaceuticals
  • Maintaining Quality throughout supply chain
  • Comprehensive Quality Assurance Systems

Besides sessions with experts, we have also arranged for field visits to WHO Pre-Qualified Manufacturing Facilities.

We are currently offering group registrations discount.

Please follow this link for the online application form-



Ms. Kavya RS  |  Training & Education Coordinator  |  Empower School of Health

Narayana Holla Réponse acceptée

Dear Madam

Since this is happening in Goa - India, is there any scope for sharing the success story of practically implementing / operationalizing Open Vial Policy (MDVP) to prevent avoidable wastage without compromising quality and safety?

As of now, WHO and GOI have provided the job responsibilities but the discrete country / district-specific task responsibilities are locally developed, participatory workshop conducted in the attached planning unit on 6 Nov 2014 attended by the District RCH Officer, under the direction of Deputy Director Immunization of Karnataka (2014).

We successfully avoided wastge of >INR 9500 in the implementing month itself (Nov 2014), projecting this to the country will cross 29 crores to the state and t>650 crores of INR for the country - (IPV & Rota not included when this study was done in 2014). 

Many such successful interventions are done by my team in KVG Medical College and are ongoing. Kindly do vist the "DEDICATED VACCINATION CLINIC" of our college which is a demosite or you may direct your Indian counterpart to do so as done by USAID  team leader of India. 

Best wishes

Holla n Team




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