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  1. Dr. Chandralal Mongar
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  3. mardi 28 août 2018

Dear TechNet members,

We would like to know the appropriate age for Td vaccine and whether what we are practising is right. As per the manufacturer’s leaflet (Serum Institute of India), Td vaccine is for primary vaccination and revaccination of children older than 7 years. However, in Bhutan, we are giving at 6 years also. 

Our immunization schedule for DTP containing  and Td vaccine is as follows:

  • DTP-HepB-Hib (Pentavalent) at 6, 10 and 14 weeks.
  • DTP at 24 months
  • Td at 6 and 12 years
  • Td at pregnancy

Best regards,


Dr. Chandralal Mongar Réponse acceptée

Dear Ahmadu,

Thank you so much for the response and the document. 

With kind regards,


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Ahmadu Yakubu Réponse acceptée

Dear Dr Mongar,

The attached document,  WHO Position Paper on Tetanus Vaccine, of February 2017 changed the previous recommendation and now advises that Td vaccine can be used from the age of 4 years. WHO is now initiating the process of revising the inserts working closely with the industry.

Best regards,



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