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  3. mardi 17 décembre 2019

Dear TechNet colleagues

i'm looking for the updated version of the Effective Vaccine Management assessment “EVM” tools, if anyone has it; appreciate if shared it with me


Advanced Thanks 

Dan Brigden Réponse acceptée

Hi Fifi, sorry for the delay in responding. The updated version of the EVM tool (EVM2) was released earlier in 2019. The EVM1 tool is still supported but will be phased out later in 2020. 

Links to EVM1 and EVM2 websites are given below. 

WHO EVM website:

EVM1 website:

EVM2 website:

EVM2 uses an app for data-collection at health facilities. The app is freely available on Android, Windows, and Apple devices. Please refer to the EVM2 Assessor User Guide for instructions on how to obtain the app:

Unfortunately, apart from the above there is little documentation on EVM2 at present, although we are hoping this will change shortly. There is, however, a public TechNet group for EVM2, and you can join it here:



fifi_epi Réponse acceptée

Dear Dan

Thank you very much for your response with this very useful information,

For sure I will joint the EVM group for more information 

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