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  1. Kaliaperumal Rathakrishnan
  2. Gestion du programme
  3. mardi 21 novembre 2017

Good day...i'm planning to use EVM as one of my tools to acess the vaccine management in my country in few selected primary health care centers in remote areas. Clearly my country is not using this model....is it advisable for personal research use? Im quite attracted to the scopes that the survey covers, its comprehensive. 

Dmitri Davydov Réponse acceptée

Thank you for the quesiton. I could not discern which country you were talking about - could you clarify please? 

My attempt to respond is below. 

  1. EVM assessment was not designed as an individual research tool – but to be used in conjunction with the national EPI programme’s interest to benchmark its performance against standards and take the findings as inputs to the design of improvement strategies.
  2. The downside of taking a ‘personal’ approach to assessment is that it may be seen, by some governments, as an imposed ‘external audit’, which may not be constructive.  
  3. A personal research effort could be a great catalyst to an uptake of the EVM approach to immunisation supply chain strengthening by national EPI programmes, when certain conditions are met – first and foremost, when the government is seen to be commissioning this ‘trial’ assessment, as a way to understand its benefits.
  4. When planning the sample size for such an assessment, care should be taken. Assessing a couple of individual facilities is unlikely to be representative and the results and implications for the entire system may be misinterpreted. It would however be possible to draw a representative sample from a part of the country – e.g., defined in terms of coverage and equity rates (low or high, as the case may be).
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