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  1. Umit Kartoglu
  2. produits de vaccins
  3. dimanche 23 septembre 2018

Dear colleagues,

I am working on a new book project on VVM.

I would like to include examples of the following and shall be grateful if you could kindly contact me. Your help is much appreciated!

If you have any of the following, besides sending the material, I'd appreciate it if you could kindly explain and give a short background on the material you are sending (especially for photographs - where it was taken, when it was taken, what is the event, and who is the photographer)

Please reply to



VVM posters

Any poster related to VVM use. If you have the PDF file copy of the poster, I’d appreciate it if you could send it to me.

If you do not have any PDF copy of the poster, please make a photo of it and send the photo.

VVM training materials

If your country has any experience with running training sessions on VVM, either as a standalone VVM training or incorporated into any other training programme (e.g. vaccine management), I’d appreciate it if you could kindly share the material in PDF format with me. If you have it only in hard copy, and can spare one, please let me know, I can arrange a DHL pickup.

Photographs showing VVM in action

If you have photographs of health workers during immunization sessions that VVMs are visible on vials, I’d appreciate it if you could kindly send me a copy them. Please make sure that resolution of such photos should be minimum 150dpi and preferably 300 dpi.

VVM policy documents

I’d appreciate it if you could share PDF copies of your country’s any policy paper indicating VVM use.

With many thanks and all the best,


Simon Leach Réponse acceptée

Hi Umit, Happy New Year.

Sorry, cannot provide information as requested but I do a lot of work with specifications and test protocols for VVMs, Threshold and Freeze Indicators for the PQS WG (Isaac). I am very interested in your book project when it is published. 

Kind regards, Simon Leach

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Dan Brigden Réponse acceptée

Hi Umit, I don't have specific examples but I would also be interested in understanding how VVM training and job aids are used in countries.

In 2016, WHO released an infographic that summarises how health workers can use VVMs to decide whether or not to use a vaccine vial. Most notably, it presents VVM colour change as a continuous progression, rather than as four distinct stages. A link to my forum post about it is given below. The graphic was produced in English and French. However, I wonder if/how it was used or even customised by countries to fit specific programme contexts..?

The way in which VVMs are used by healthcare workers can be assessed by countries as part of an Effective Vaccine Management (EVM) assessment, and the questions asked to assess VVM usage have been updated slightly with the latest iteration of the EVM2 tool. I wonder if such an assessment can also provide an opportunity to deliver on-the-job guidance or even training to HCWs on practical topics such as VVMs. For example, if the HCW is not familiar with VVM best practice, an infographic such as the one above (or even a short training video) could be shared by the assessor. It's an idea worth considering.

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