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  1. Dr Khalid
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  3. lundi 13 mai 2019

Dear all

I encountered operational challege were during SIA, specifically OBR using mOPV2 antigen. I observed that the fixed post team were given only bOPV which is the right antigen for routine while ignoring the purpose of the campaign (mOPV2 not given). They were intructed to give both mOPV2 and bOPV concurrently in other to ensure children received RI and SIA doses. When we reffered to the stakeholders it was revealed that guideline stipulated that, child should receive only mOPV2 and resheduled for bOPV next contact. i have little imformation that needs clarification from immunzation experts and/or refference materials for capacity building in support of the guideline.

1. What is the possible consequence of given mOPV2 and bOPV at same time? any scientific justification.

2. Weighing the risk of missed oppurtunities and combining both antigens at same, which one should i prioritised?

Thanks alot waiting for your input.

There are two main reasons for separating mOPV2 and bOPV in campaign settings. First and obvious is that because of lack of uniform design of mOPV2 and bOPV vials that would help distinguish the two from each other the chances of a mix-up: e.g. giving one child 2 doses of mOPV2 and no bOPV and vice versa are deemed high enough to undermine the effectiveness of a vaccination campaign. (agreeing on a uniform design is a complex matter that managed by national regulators and is not going to be solved at least on the short to medium term) 

Another consideration is vaccine efficacy: there had been much research showing that Type 2 vaccine virus competes with Type 1 reducing seroconversion against the latter poliovirus. Therefore, concurrent administration of both vaccines if not recommended. 

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Dr Khalid Réponse acceptée

Dear sir, agree with your points. does that mean given them at same time is a risk? What exactly should be the reason behind suspending bOPV. As innovation we used fixed post immunization team in area with lower RI performance.


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Anindya Sekhar Bose Réponse acceptée

Quite an amusing conundrum. Using mOPV2 and bOPV together similar to using tOPV.

During an SIA round we don't usually give routine doses. Not much harm done if you do but it's operationally confusing.   

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