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  3. jeudi 14 mai 2020

Dear Technet Members,

Sharing this request for input on behalf of colleagues at Pamela Steele and Associates (PSA)

Health Supply Chains are the backbone of a country’s health system and play a significant role in improving health outcomes. The Human Resources (HR) in the health supply chain are critical to healthcare delivery and improved well-being. PSA is currently undertaking a study to compare and contrast HR practices across different countries that have either transformed their supply chains or are in the process of such transformation. The data collected will inform our study, but more broadly it will help key stakeholders and policymakers to learn from ongoing transformations and implement country-specific policies. As a stakeholder in the health supply chain of your country, you have unique insights into the ongoing challenges and factors affecting the overall health supply chain and health system.

We are therefore inviting you to participate in a short online survey here: . It should take less than 15 minutes. Please share widely with your HR department.

We thank you for supporting this important research and hope to hear from you by 25th May 2020


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