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  1. John Lloyd
  2. la chaîne d'approvisionnement et de la logistique
  3. mardi 20 janvier 2015
I hope that you will disagree with me and tell me that medical waste disposal systems in low-to-middle income countries have advanced dramatically in the last ten years. But I have the impression is that the interest that existed in the first five years of the millennium has declined and that the national plans that were drawn up a decade ago were neither funded nor updated. It is surprising that, at this crucial moment in the struggle against the spread of Ebola, there has hardly been a mention of the infrastructure needed to collect and destroy infected clothing and materials. The focus remains entirely on supply. In the world of Immunization, disposal of used needles is no longer treated as a priority and seems excluded from external funding opportunities. Please prove me wrong by posting your description or links to any source of news reporting positive developments in low or middle-income countries. Perhaps you can include innovative country experiments, financing schemes, public/private outsourcing or technological ideas that have reached national scale-up in the last decade? In other words – any progress in the infrastructure of sharps waste management in urban and/or rural areas would be welcome news? I hope to devote my next two postings respectively to urban and rural medical waste systems innovations that remain under-used.
Larry Schlussler Réponse acceptée
Hi John, We read about the extensive problem of properly treating syringe waste in PATH publications. We then used our own funds to develop a easy to use solar syringe melter/sterilizer. http://www.sunfrost.com/blog/sun-frost-syringe-mate-syringe-sterilizermelter/ To our dismay there was no interest at PATH or WHO. - Larry Schlussler, Ph.D.

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