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Measles & Rubella Initiative Annual Report 2012 The Measles & Rubella Initiative (M&RI) launched its annual report publicly for the first time during the World Immunization Week. The report highlights the gains made in measles and rubella control and elimination in 2012, while providing a clear picture of the work left to do in 2013 and beyond if we are to reach the 2015 and 2020 Global Vaccine Action Plan targets. The M&RI is also pleased to announce a new Outbreak Fund, to which GAVI-eligible countries may apply for assistance to control acute measles outbreaks. This fund of $55 million ($15 million in 2013 and $10 million each year thereafter through 2016) is made possible by a grant from the GAVI Alliance. The Outbreak Fund is available to rapidly respond to outbreaks early, with the objective of containing or stopping the outbreaks in circumstances where there is an acute shortage of financial resources to respond on a timely basis. The standard operating procedures for countries to request support are available here at the M&RI website.
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On reading, I thought of sharing six slides of the Power Point presentation made at the National Workshop, depicting how quickly one could improve the measles 2nd dose coverage from 6% to 78% after a one-month intervention in the health sub centre (HSC) Peraje, which is part of the Sampaje planning unit, which is attached to the KVG Medical college. The results are comparable with a similar study of a HSC in Jharkhand (4 months intervention from April to July 2012 simulating Immunization Weeks). Through a simple but dedicated approach it is definitely possible to achieve >90% coverage with both the doses. Measles-2nd-dose-coverage.pdf
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