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  3. mercredi 19 juin 2019

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new resource library available here: 

What can you expect from the library: 

- A faster (less than 1 second!) and more powerful search engine with more filters (type of document, category, language, disease, author...) 

- More documents as our Cold Chain Equipment documents are now also available in the library  

- You can now mass download your search result into a zip that includes a csv file with the resources info and all the uploaded files attached 

- It's optimized for mobile devices 

- You can choose between two grid views or a list presentation 

- You can easily post comments on each document page 

- The downlaod page offers a suggestion of related resources 


And as before, if you see there's a relevant missing document, you can upload it in the resource library to make it available to all! 

Our resource library is one of the most exhaustive immunization-related online library, we hope you'll enjoy it!

Please do leave a post here if you have any question! 

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