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  1. Sean Donato
  2. systèmes d'information sur la vaccination
  3. lundi 12 octobre 2020

The Visibility for Vaccines (ViVa) platform is a stock visibility dashboard that visualizes the pipeline of current stocks, vaccine orders as well as forecasts. It enables country governments to better identify and prevent potential vaccine stock outs or overstocks before they occur. The platform was developed by UNICEF, with funding from the UPS Foundation, and first introduced in 2016. ViVa currently has over 350 registered users in 37 countries.

This new course trains users on the functionalities of the ViVa platform, how to effectively analyze and interpret ViVa’s dashboards and data, as well as on how to integrate this analysis into routine business processes in countries. By adopting this comprehensive approach, the training aims to both strengthen Viva user competencies as well as promote a more data-based approach to vaccine supply decision-making.

The main target audience for this course are national government EPI staff. UNICEF country and regional staff, as well as other in-country vaccine partners, will also benefit from this course.

The training is availble on the Agora training website and is available in French and English.

You can access the course through the following links: 



You can access the ViVa platform through the following link:



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