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  3. dimanche 22 mars 2009
POST 01406E: EVALUATION OF SYRINGE MELTER 22 MARCH 2009 ****************************************** Dear TechNet moderator, I am forwarding a report of an evaluation of a syringe melter conducted in Andhra Pradesh in 2008. The melter was developed by Mike Werner, then of New Paradigm Automation, under funding from the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC). Dr. Satish Kaipilyawar and his staff in the PATH office in Andhra Pradesh managed the India-based field study with funding from CDC and US Agency for International Development. The melter from New Paradigm included some improvements that were indicated by a similar study of several melters, including an earlier version of the New Paradigm device, conducted by PATH in Indonesia in 2006. Any questions about the study may be directed through Joanie Robertson ([][/email]) at PATH. Joanie Robertson, ([][/email]) Technical Officer PATH ( Post generated using Mail2Forum ( ##text##

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