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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. produits de vaccins
  3. mardi 17 février 2015
About 2 decades back, a Director addressed the trainees and told – “in India we have many all India Problems but no all India solution for any single problem”. In surgical field – “intention of healing is always good often with unwanted scars, keloid and strictures”. In public health – as expressed by the eminent's in the review meetings, introduction of inadequately field tested new forms usually complicate duplicate/triplicate/even quadruplicate service providers’ work, old ones not discontinued, new one even before completion of orientation training (often no training) understanding properly and implementing in the filed gets ‘mutated’ by the budding consultants of development partners with inadequate inter-sectoral/disciplinary co-ordination and overburdens the lives of grass-root level workers, enhances fatigue, depletes intervention time which is further accentuated by ivory tower approach, non supportive supervision by the not so competent but ‘superiors’. One such recurring problem to the ANMs by the Medical Officer, by the district programme officer to the Medical Officers and so on is taken up on demand by the MO and staff & also by the District level officer. The example is attached for a solution by the programme managers as we could not find a satisfactory/acceptable solution. These observations are shared with the MO and staffs of Planning unit Sampaje. The situation may be diagonally opposite in the urban area for which I have no access. I acknowledge thanks to the ANMs/MO and Dist programme officers.
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