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Ce forum est un lieu d'échange où les membres peuvent poser des questions, partager leurs expériences, coordonner des activités, et discuter les récentes avancées en matière de vaccination.
  1. BID Initiative
  2. systèmes d'information sur la vaccination
  3. jeudi 27 août 2020

The BID Initiative is launching a new scope of work that examines common immunization program barriers and the ways in which electronic immunization registries (EIRs) can solve for them. A BID analytics team comprised of PATH staff collaborating across the U.S. and country offices are using individual-level data from EIRs to conduct a series of analyses to better understand how the digital platforms may solve remaining service delivery challenges. You can read more about the opportunity in the first of a two-part blog series.

And we’d love to hear from you! Are there other immunization program barriers you face in your work? Or are there other ways that EIRs can benefit immunization stakeholders? If something is missing from this blog table, email us at or add your thoughts in the blog comments.


Celina on behalf of the BID Initiative team

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