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  1. Narayana Holla
  2. équipement de la chaîne du froid
  3. lundi 30 avril 2018

Dear viewers

We wish to share the attached revised version vaccine storage code in the new model of Ice Lined Refrigerator, supplied recently to the planning units in Karnataka and India. Karnataka is going to practice soon and we hope the whole country may also follow the same as it is practicable.

Keeping ice-packs in brick style practically feasible way is also demonstrated.


With best regards

Holla n team

KVG Medical College

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Narayana Holla Réponse acceptée

In continuation of the post, I am pleased to share the circular issued by the Project Director, RCH of Karnataka State who accepted the revised storage code and circulted to all the districts for practicing. 

Same ia applicable for ~10,000 such ILRs supplied to the planning units all over the country (India). Hope they will also practice revised storage code applicable the same model with 3 baskets in the upper zone.

Indebted to State Govt

Holla n Team

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