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  1. Narayana Holla
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  3. dimanche 11 février 2018

In response to the demand by HODs of Department of Community Medicine of a few Medical Colleges, KVG team is proud to share 7 slides PPT on the above subject.  We wish replication of the same in all Medical Colleges, especially private to promote quality vaccination and Mantoux test [Tuberculin Skin Test –TST] services to strengthen National programmes of Routine Immunization and Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme [RNTCP]. Several high risk practices were observed by the author with regard to the “RIGHTS TO BE OBSERVED BEFORE ADMINISTERING THE VACCINES AND TUBERCULIN” – a few high risk practices are to be addressed as a public health emergency – like non-freezing of the antigens, correct intra-dermal route producimg≥7mm weal in the private sector since decades resulting in non-immunization of the vaccinated / no induration in Mtb infected person following improper TST. These decadal problems can be rapidly set right within a maximum of 4 months in all the centre’s of a State by establishing “DEDICATED VACCINATION CLINIC & NURSING STATION” for administering Multi dose Tberculin through “RAPID” team of our College.  

This centre is already visited by independent observers from the Block / District / State / Nation and representative of international Organization and other Medical Colleges.

Best wishes

Dr Holla n Team 

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