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  1. Joseph Little
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  3. mercredi 22 décembre 2021

PATH is seeking to understand the impact of COVID-19 vaccine rollout on routine immunization systems, focusing on learnings from several countries in Africa and Asia. We are inviting the following individuals to complete a survey about their experience with COVID-19 vaccine rollout:

  • Individuals working in a country in Africa or Asia with firsthand knowledge about how the COVID-19 vaccine rollout has impacted routine immunization system or vaccine campaigns
  • Individuals with firsthand knowledge of actions that have been taken to mitigate or prevent any negative impacts on routine immunization system associated with the COVID-19 vaccine rollout
  • Individuals involved in COVID-19 vaccine delivery, such as immunization program managers, logisticians, or national and regional immunization technical advisory group members.
  • Individuals involved in supporting COVID-19 vaccine delivery, such as technical assistance partners working in country or at the regional level in Africa or Asia.

The survey focuses on learnings on the impact of COVID-19 vaccine rollout on human resource availability, vaccine supply chain including cold chain equipment and transport availability, program financing, and data management systems.

The survey link is available here:   

The survey will be closed on January 31.

A copy of the survey in French will be available in 2022 for your convenience as well. Thank you in advance for your contributions.

Joseph Little Réponse acceptée

Dear colleagues, 

We wanted to send a quick reminder regarding the above survey regarding the impact of COVID-19 vaccine rollout on routine immunization systems. The deadline for your inputs is January 31:


The French version of the survey was posted here:  

Technet posting (French):

Direct link (French):    



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