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  1. Dan Brigden
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  3. jeudi 21 octobre 2021

Earlier this month, on October 1st 2021, it was discovered that the security of the TechNet web server had been compromised by an unknown entity. The site was immediately taken offline while a team of security professionals cleaned and secured the site. This process took about six hours to complete.

The attack targeted an insecure component used by our web content management system and appears to have been fully automated. The TechNet server has now been secured and steps have been taken to prevent this kind of attack from happening again. We have no evidence for - and no reason to believe - that user data was exposed. However, we cannot rule out the possibility, and therefore we encourage all TechNet members to update their passwords as soon as possible. We also recommend that all new passwords follow established password security best practice.

To update your TechNet password, sign in to the website and go to the Edit profile page: 

If you have any questions or concerns about this incident, please contact the TechNet-21 Moderator (

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