1. Daniel Otzoy
  2. systèmes d'information sur la vaccination
  3. mardi 3 septembre 2019

Dear colleagues

We have a new post in our blog and we appreciate your reading, feedback and dissemination in your networks. 


Isabel Lobos and Noé Quiroa share the experience of TulaSalud in Guatemala and tell us how intervention in community context using digital health strategies has contributed to the reduction of maternal mortality in places where it has been implemented, demonstrating that planning and design of solutions, including community-based experiences, could have a great impact for prevention and timely care of morbidity and mortality in rural, indigenous and excluded areas in low-income countries.

Ful blog post: http://bit.ly/2LfLL8Z

The original language of post is Spanish but you can also read in English, French and Portuguese, using the option "Idiomas" located in up-right position of our Web Site.

Thanks and best regards

Daniel Otzoy

  1. http://bit.ly/2LfLL8Z

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