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  1. Mohammad Hamidul Islam
  2. la chaîne d'approvisionnement et de la logistique
  3. samedi 8 août 2020

Hello Everyone,

We want to conduct Temperature Mapping of Vaccine Cold Rooms (WIC) , dimension 2800mmx 2200mm x2215 mm (Height) each WIC. There are 21 WICs in different Districts.They store Vaccine in between + 2 and +8 deg C. Will appreciate if any one advises  which WHO Protocol should be used for such Mapping.

Thank you,

M.Hamidul Islam


ADAMA SAWADOGO Réponse acceptée

Dear Hamidul Islam

Building on WHO protocol (attached),  EVM  has developed a temperature mapping step by step guide,  translated  to a visual kit:  the temperature mapping video  (link below) that should be helpful to you as a step by step  guide to understand and conduct your cold room temperature mapping.

Temperature mapping - English - Youtube 

Temperature mapping - Arabic - Youtube 


Best regards

Adama Sawadogo

Health Specialist


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