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In August 2021, the World Health Organization developed the first web-based equipment Inventory and Gap Analysis (IGA 1.0) application to help ease the burden on countries for collecting and analyzing equipment inventory data.

The web-based software has a complete functionality, is open-source and can be installed in any Microsoft®-supported server.  IGA has a complementary mobile application that can run in any Android® supported smart phones and tablets and can be used to enter data, which can be processed using the web based IGA application. IGA is designed to be used in any country, for any programme and can be translated to any languages.

IGA has two levels of users: admin and user levels.  The admin group (staff who has knowledge of the country and the programme) has access to software configuration and settings.  Therefore, the admin group can configure and adjust the settings of the application to address the country- and programme-specific needs and situation. Users have no access to configuration and settings and have limited and customized access to the application.  IGA is currently available in English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Arabic languages. It can be easily translated to any other languages. 

IGA has several built-in reports and has a mapping function.  The reports have multiple filters to estimate gaps at different administrative levels and for individual or for all facilities based on the criteria set by the software administrator. In addition, all data can easily be exported to MS Excel® sheets for more detailed facility segmentation and equipment analysis.  IGA also has an option to estimate future gaps and requirements - for at least five years from the time of data collection - to support planning.

IGA is recommended for collecting and analyzing inventory of equipment and other non-consumable assets such as cold chain equipment, transport vehicles, temperature monitoring devices, power generators, computers and printers, incinerators, autoclaves, electrical equipment such as voltage regulator, and other auxiliary devices.

Georgia is the first country to use IGA for collecting equipment inventory data from all facilities in all administrative levels.  


The test version for demo site is by using the following URL: www.inventory-gapanalysis.c om

         Username: admin

         Password: 123


The mobile application (only for Android) can be downloaded from:


For any question or support, contact Mojtaba Haghgou ( or Maricel Castro (

Maricel CASTRO Réponse acceptée

Hi Abdulhafeez.

Thank you for your questions. To answer your first question, we are planning to conduct an orientation on IGA soon. It will be announced in TechNet, please watch out.

With regards to your second question, currenty IGA tool is not yet completely interoperable with the older Excel-based WHO CCEI and gap analysis tool. Work is on-going to allow full harmonization so that data from the old tool can be easily imported to the new tool. We will update you guys once this is done. 

Have a good day.



Abdulhafeez Mustapha Réponse acceptée

This is a wonderful tool.
I have two questions, 
1. When will training be conducted for cold chain managers on the installation and use?

2. Can the data captured with the WHO excel-based CCE Inventory and Gaps Analysis tool be imported into the new platform?




Abdulhafeez Mustapha 


GUEYE Abdoulaye Réponse acceptée


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