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  1. Andrew McCourt
  2. équipement de la chaîne du froid
  3. lundi 10 avril 2017

Vaccine carrier and Cold box selection tool.

Dear Cold Chain colleagues,

UNICEF SD has developed a tool which makes the process of selecting Vaccine Carriers or Cold Boxes easier.

Please follow the below link to the UNICEFCold chain support package and click on the tab 7. Vaccine Carriers and Cold Boxes. Scroll down to find the tool.

Any comments you may have regarding this tool would be much appreciated.


Andrew McCourt


Dear Andrew

I suggest that you could have less filters to avoid confusions to the user, I mean, from 10 decrease to 2, i.e. the most important is the vaccine capacity and the description, with these twice filters you can see the rest of the description like PQS code, manufacturer, weight loaded, number and type of icepacks, etc. 

It will be desirable to catch the PQS code in the "Dashboard" sheet and put it automatically in the "Detail and Comparison Table" sheet.

Best regards

Andrew McCourt Réponse acceptée


Thank you for your feedback. Great suggestion! I will work on it and post something after the Easter break. If you have anything specific you think should be highlighted please let me know.



Shaikh Kabir Réponse acceptée

Thanks Andrew for sharing the Cold box and vaccine carrier selection tool. The sheet-1 (dashboard) will help the users to select the desired devices. To make the dashboard more user-friendly, a cover page with few instructions on how to use the tool; may be included before the dashboard sheet. Regards. Kabir

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